Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It was a sleepy 10th April 2008

I don't know what got into me, but, I was extremly tired today.. I fell asleep during Chemistry Lecture..

See... me sleeping..kekeke.. Picture taken by Seng Hoe... And, if I'm not mistaken, it look like Erica also fell asleep..kekeke..Thanks for the picture Cousin Seng Hoe..

However, nothing beats the way Val fell asleep.. I heard a proverb, ''sleeping over knowledge'' but never ''knowledge over the sleep!!''Caleb and Maurice fell asleep too...

And we were just there to disturb them..kekeke.. The girl on the left, Vee Lyn..

Also, you would have expected, Seok Kheng will never be awake!!

Wei Li, fell asleep too...

Kavitha and gang fell asleep too..

And also, Little Lizze(elizabeth)..sleeping on tracy... So Cute...!!

For the extra active peepz.. they just have fun!!

*God knows what is Kim trying to do..

The best pic of all!!!

Caleb <3 Maurice.. Kissing behind the protection of a bag!!

I'm fully awake now..

God Bless!!

Hwei Ming

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