Friday, April 27, 2007

Some nice poem!

Well, I must say, I need to get rid of some of the old stuff as I am going to move.
New House=New memories=New Begining= No more thinking about the old stuff.
One of the new thing, that needs to be cleared up, is my Handphone!
This, i've kept in my phone for far too long!!
So, I'm going to share, this really meaningful poem, gave by Jue Nee, you not need to know who she is.
Well, it was a message for me, on her 17th birthday, the day before.
Here's a guy I know so well,
hear his name and my heart will swell,
in and out I know him already,
and I know that he is always ready.
Big, Tough, Strong and bold,
I always feel safe within his hold,
In his arms it is constantly warm,
for I know I'll be safe from harm.
Nice and Charming he may be,
but don't make him angry then you'll see,
he might be impatient and a little wild,
but to me he's just a sweet child.
My friend, my lover and my faithful helper,
you're always there for me with a nail and hammer,
mending all my flaws and mistakes,
guiding me through no matter what it takes.
Without you life would be without laughter,
for you amuse me with endless humour,
buy me a teddy you shall not,
for you're the cuttest teddy i got.
Birthdays come and in annually,
but i hope you'll always stay with me,
I need you honey as i am your bee,
so will you promise you''ll be with me?
I love you Ming.

Do not steal this poem, it hold a great deal to me, and i bet the writter too..

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Peijin said...

wow. i din noe jue nee is good in poem =p

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