Saturday, December 29, 2007


It is 1.34 AM here...

I'm thinking about my internship..

and I'm feeling hungry..


Thursday, December 27, 2007



29th... most probably at kong sait yie punya rumah again...*never did got bored of going there..:p*

Biomedical and nut and phar and everyone...

first friday of the year? paint ball?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Somewhere Out There

Come and give it a sing along..

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight

Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another in that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star

And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

Sunday, December 23, 2007


This might just be my last Christmas in Malaysia.

So, I would like to wish,

My house's soil,
My house's bricks,
My Malaysian Flag,
My tar road,
My computer that I'm typing in..

Anyhow, Merry Christmas Everyone..

Happy Birthday Min Yuen

Happy 19th Birthday Min Yuen..

Finally.. :p

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oo La La!!

Malacca Trip

It was early dawn, when I was still snoring in my bed...

So reluctant to get out of bed.. It was time to go to Malacca...

Road was empty.. No hot chick driving around.. No car... Nothing...And that...

made me sad..

The two passenger at the back.. well, was happily being a passenger..

After going to temple..going here and there..

we ate..

And this papa of mine..did something unexpected...

Just look at how jolly is he!!

Even his son cant imitate the look.. maybe one day, when I'm as old as him..has so many responsibility like him.. i shall inherit that smile... *NOT the baldness*

Oh yea.. if you still don't know..

This is Hwei Ming version 2008!!

Not so much of baggy.. No more oversize whatever...

*hands in pocket pose*
*gangster pose*

*ignore my nipples* that is one reason why i dun where tight shirts.. :P
Thanks Dad for being my model beside me..:)..*winks*
What you think huh?

Ready to meet some UK chicks?

hahahahahahaha..... I wish la...

Anyway, one thing that i really dislike driving in Malacca is.. The signboard for the road are badly located..
At most time, it is always located behind a tree..
Or sometimes behind an advertisement..

Behind building...

Or sometimes worst... backward!!


Leeds VS Manchester
I'm having like the biggest dilemma recently..

I've gotten my results..and i am qualified to enter the 2 uni of my choice..

University of Manchester or University of Leeds..

Ranking wise, Manchester is slightly... SLIGHTLY... above Leeds...

Manchester is more recognize.. and. it is basically...a good U...

And, its has, Manchester United.. :P

However, I can't really stop thinking about the location..

Manchester U is located at the heart of Manchester..

And that, for me, isnt really conducive...

Manchester, just lacks the green...

And i am hoping it wouldn't end up like Taylor's University College...

Leeds however, has more is definitely a nice place to just sit in the park, Pak Tor-ing...

For Manchester U, you might just get a big gasp for CO2...

Actually, I'm like 99% on with Manchester, its just that 1%, that tiny bit inside me, that tells me to go to Leeds...

Help me guys...

Map of University of Manchester

Map of University of Leeds

Best Steam Chicken Rice So Far!!

I don't care what you guys ever call me, dirty little fellow, poor, stingy, low class, whatever... But i gotta tell you, do not under estimate this little shop..

It might be small, you might fine rats crawling around your feet while you are eating.. Some of you might get Sick and Really Sick after eating it..

But, to me, I've never gotten a tummy ache eating here.. and i shall call this, the best chicken rice so far.. in my 19 years of living..

What I've Stumble while cleaning my room!
Well, exam was over months ago, results are already out, and only finally, I've clean my room..

While cleaning, I've stumble on memories, which I put a smile on my face..

Ok..ok.. I slide open this drawer of mine.. and found a shit lot of ang pau, not yet open since this year Chinese New Year..



I bet, you couldn't get a hold of this time of the year huh.. "p*messing room...*

Anyway, I found a box.. :) the most memorable item... just a box..

* i put my hands in it, but couldn't find any sanitary napkins*... I wonder what happened to it.. :p

I've got my ear pierced!!!

After countless argument with my parents... I got my ear pierced..Look how sexy and gay i look..
I'm just joking...........................................

Really.. I am...


More then 6 months into renovation, and the house is still not completed...

Pet Hospital...

When sent Ruby the Dog to hospital..

Need her immune system buff up...
And, I've stumble upon some dog discrimination...


Cat, dog, and lain lain has separated treatment room..

Sitting place also different..

But, register counter the same la..

Owner different..

hehehe... so bored thats why thought got discrimination.. :P

RM50 ringgit star winner wanna be...

I'm like so tempted to submit this picture into The Star..and win myself RM 50...

IMU Friday Night

When to IMU one friday.. duh.. it has to be on friday to be called friday night...

it was late, and IMU, being a deserted uni aka shopping mall...was..well.. empty..

Prav and Me, and some girl which Prav and Me dont know her name...

Well, was talking..

And, i snap some picture..

To wait for the show(below) to begin...

RuBy the dog..
Ain't she just so cute.. my little kangaroo...

I went to an Indian Wedding...

Ok.. Ok.. I've got to admit it...

This is my only 2nd time, going to an indian wedding...

well, Kavi's wedding will be the 3rd, morni's the on.. :P

well, it was truly an experience..

The wedding was simple, but i've got to admit it, the symbolic power, well, was power!!

I had rice thrown at me from the back, right into my shirt..and my dad's teacher told me... "Hwei Ming.. you are going to get married soon!!"


I've always love my every experience cup of coffee at StarBucks Subang Jaya.. Not to say that, other outlet are bad, well, the subang Jaya outlets, just know me very well!!And look what they did for me!!

A mountain high wipe cream Toffee nut latte.. :p

Don't be jealous prav.. :p

Sunway Lagoon Outing..

Went to sunway laggon with uni mates..

Anyway, Seok ask me, why min yuen picture so little in my flickers..


In this picture(below) , I've just realise how, LARGE am i.. X.x..It is no wonder, girls run away from me. :(

Snapped this picture, while waiting for the other girls, just scream their heads off...

I sist to comment in this picture...

but i dont mind commenting the half naked guy in the ride...

SEXY is what i call them...

NO.. no.. not the girls.. the GUY is the ride..the half naked one..

Anyway, val looks got electric shocked!

Oh yea... From where i'm standing, i could only hear, val , yin ying, siew hwei, yan min, screaming.. :p

Well, if you guys don;t know, the ship thats once harmless, and give you the butterfly feeling in your stomach, is now a hardcore ride which gosh upside down!

wee............lets take it for another spin!!

ok..ok.. so, i cant swim.. so, i took picture with yan min..

By the look of the force on the water, it must be a great mass!

anyway, pictures below was HTML attach with it, just copy and paste it in HTML and you'll get the pic, I'm sorry i'm unble to set the HTML for the rest of the pic.. too lazy to get through one by one..

Sadly, Yan Min and Me well, wasnt ready for the water.. so, we just walk..and walk and walk to end time...

I really dun know whats going on, but, both of us have our eyes close..kekeke... maybe it was just sunny.. :P

Argh.. di na sour...

eeekkk... Di na so rous..

Don;t bite my finger...

aren't i'm just some lucky bitch..

Where is the guys when you need one??

Anyway, we ended the day with dinner at Sakei Sushi..

with min yuen still gone!!

Mana tat budak pergi romantic..??

*good bless*

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