Thursday, December 6, 2007

Little G4 Gathering.. Very little indeed!

Day Out

Unsure who would turn up, the place, the time, we, little of whats left of G4 gathered..

It was 12 went I arrived at Subang, called up Prassan, he was in AC feeling lonely.

Uncle Kian Chee is working for Taylor's as a student ambassador! What big name!

Well, meet Keith, Prassan cousin, and catch a little chat with that dude while munching on Yau Cha Gui( dont know how you actually spell that).

At 1 pm, walk to Kong Sait Yie's house, with Prassan, just to note that, she just woke up.
Complaining that she doesn't have enough sleep and everyone is disturbing her, she gets up and made Prassan and me, and after that me alone, waiting for so long in the hot blazing sun!

*Cast spell on King Kong*

Alright... Kong Sait Yie, well, still looks like Kong Sait Yie, but surprisingly, no indian slang. I really thought she will be wobbling her head while talking to me.. kekekeke..

Anyway, headed to Taylor's University College Subang Jaya, thought of meeting Prassan and Kian Chee there, ended up meeting Mr. Yap KL, our dear beloved mentor of G4 2006.

Caught a few photo with him, did a little of photography myself,

We ended up walking to AC...

There, dear Kian Chee was eating and complaining about his Nasi Pataya...

and Prassan was playing a fool with my handphone camera while catching up with old time.

Mr. Kian Chee

well, soon after, Sher Mayne turn up!

And, well, being part of Prassan beloved Girl Friend, Sher Mayne was like part of G4 2006.
Without her, G4 might not be as complete as before.. :)

Never knew what went into Prassan's mind when he took this picture, But I'm sure, if it was in my camera, I have the right to do whatever I want with me..

Served you right Prassan for cam whoring in using my camera phone!

But I got to say, those are really cute photo of you la.. :)

After chatting in AC, we all decided to go to Sunway Pyramid and have lunch there...

We went to a burger shop, qouted from Prassan "which was so sexual! The place was so sexual, burger taste so sexual" to me, Price also, very sexual indeed.

I think the name of the burger place was carl's burger in Sunway Pyramid, new wing.

Price ranges about 20-30 per set. But, it is seriously worth it.

I ate a burger with Mushroom in it, and it was heaven!
My sexual food...

Prassan's Sexual Food!

Sait Yie's and Sher Mayne's sexual food!

We chatted, fool around.. and snap some cute photo of prassan..

The Sexual Image above was done my the sexually appeal Prassan, where is sexually accidently shave his sexual hair wrongly, where eventually, he sexually have to shave it all the same length and now, he look so sexual!

*I am so sexually being infected by Prassan's sexual saying of "sexual""...

The following are picture of Sher Mayne and Prassan..

No photo of Sait Yie and Hwei Ming was available!

*Sait Yie and Hwei Ming, staring at Prassan and Sher Mayne*

Haha.. what a wonderful day it was.. I counldn't eat dinner, Prassan was so happy, Sait Yie got her lunch she wanted, and Sher Mayne, well, was being Sher Mayne..

Belalang Vs Cicak!

I'm sure most of you have watch Alien Vs Predator

Well, took this picture of what seems to be Alien(Grasshopper) vs Predator(Lizard)

Well, at the end, god knows why the lizard ran away... Maybe the belalang was just too big for it to eat.

BBQ Chicken the Old Kampung Style
Well, If you want to have a BBQ party, but you got no BBQ stove, don't worry.. Follow these simple steps.

Get ready your gravy and some chicken..
set up your BBQ stand with bricks...

Burn it..

Turn the chicken with your bare hands!!

And its ready...

Chicken anyone?

*ignore the burn parts..*

It more delicious then you think it is...

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