Monday, December 3, 2007

This is my December...

India, dead corpse are not a joke!I have always been interested by what people learn in India, especially those who were learning medicine or dentistry there...

Well, Those two picture are courtesy of Miss Kong Sait Yie and her Roommate which, I really got no idea who she is.

Eww... Disgusting... Ugly.. Horrible.. Sick to your stomach.. whatever you call it, but this is what you get.. on your FIRST DAY OF YOUR MED OR DEN CLASS!!

Quoted from Sait Yie, "I saw 16 dead corpse on the first day of my class!"

I bet, it must have been a really shocking event, that would definitely turn one lives upside down.

Anyway, I always thought you would get a fresh corpses in India, as mean, the one that are still bleeding out blood, and probably, heart still beating...

But, I guess, this is bad enough!!

I would, Sait Yie, I really Respect you damn lot, because, from where I am now, I bet, girl would already start fainting and running around paranoid!

We Need more planning in our lives!

This is the result of lack of planning when constructing a house! You'll have 4 tube carrying a few wires where they all can fit into one, drawn into a tiny hole, because one just keep adding more points into a single room!

Anyway, don't come my house and rob me of my wires, it is not worth it!

Crysis, Crisis, Krisis, Nangis Sis!

EA game have just release one of their signature game!

The game was so cool, the box contain the game was cool itself!

ok ok.. so I might have pump up a little cheat... Ok... alot of cheat...

The only reason was, I wanted to get back to my book as fast as I could as I really wanted to know how the story ends..

To be honest, cheating at easy mode, you'll end the game in 5 hours! Thats if you didnt get lose in the confusing tunnel in the allien tunnel..

My comment on the game, the game was nice, until the allien part... I rather shoot north korean then allien..

Satay Celup Malaka de Kuala Lumpur

After day of begging my mum to cook satay celup, i finally got it..

Look at all the food, oh my gawd.... Heavenly!!

Hwei Ming's cooking Class (how to cook a fresh fish!)

alright, alright, for all of you who are going to Aus, and still got no idea how to cook , let me give you a worst case senario cooking class!

1) Light a fire!!2) Catch a fish, in the begining, i said, fresh fish, so, I'm demonstrating with a newly caught fish, courtesy of my mum's fish pond.

3) Place fish above fire...
4) eat la...haha...

ok...ok... I did not cook the fish, but i released it back to where it really belong.. but you got to admit it, it is a real deal in cookery class to cook a fish!

Anyway, Hwei Ming is currently finding his way, back to god..

During my down times, I realize that, there are no other person, like god to talk too.

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