Friday, February 29, 2008

57 KM is quite far!!

There you have it..

57km away..

Is quite far, considering, I don't have a car..

Funny Video Regarding Malaysian Election

Well, I have to admit people, I'm so into the election mood!

BN (Sea Saw) or ( Out of scale/ Out to date weighing device)

DAP ( Inter-continental Nuclear Missile)

PAS ( A white moon with white background ) ( Reminds you of Japan huh?? )

Who to choose? Which to vote?
Who cares.. I'm under age.. :p

Anyway, here is a really really funny video my friend Evelyn ask me to watch!

I must say, they are really good!

Anyhow, more stories on election coming right up!!

*Writer is neutral in political aspect!

Please don't influence me, I might just run my own party then!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Before I talk about election in Malaysia to all you people who are oversea studying,
Gonna finish up all the post I did half way first..


Ever heard of curi ayam? "Chicken stealer"

Well, one morning, when I woke up, I found this, in my front lawn.

*Some chicken feather*

*Exhibit A: A Chicken Feather*

Looking amaze, I was thinking, no way someone would walk into my house in the city and steal chicken. Come on, why would anyone think my house has chickens. And, house in a city with chicken? No way... And I have dogs too.... Guard Dogs, 2 gigantic German Shepperd.

Wait a minute..

Dogs... Who would have known, feed them to guard the dog, when they get hungry they eat chickens.

Well, no only chicken do they attack.

One day, when I woke up too, I found this:
*Unknown attacked*


Ruby the dog.
Ever since she came into the family, things started dying.

She looks harmless.



Updates on Grandmama..

She is WELL!!

She could walk, laugh, make jokes, and even scold.. X.X...

Thanks for all your prayers guys..

She is back home already!
Safe, Sound, and HUNGRY!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Grandma is fine!!

Today I went visit her, she looks very well.

Like able to go play football!! *hope...*

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your prayers and blessing!



Well, I've been driving to Putrajaya Hospital alot, and as you know election is coming.

What really caught my attention is, while I was driving, I keep being mistaken over the banner of the people's representative and the actually human trying to cross the road.. @.@...

This is just one of the hazardous of an election in this country!!

More to come next, the hazardous of election in Malaysia!
Stay Tune...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

G4 Febuary 2008 Gathering

Honestly, I would say, each gathering that goes by, more and more people are showing up!
Good huh?

*Ek Guan*

We were all so hungry, so we urgent to a makan place.


*Shie Ming trying to grab some bite*

*I just landed flat on the pasta!*
I was very hungry OK....

*Noob, trying to teach a noob taking pictures*
All of the shots taken, was unclear..even after I told him how to snap a picture.
Swt to the million!

*Stacie Goh and Shie Ming*

*Shie Ming and Leslie*

*Kian Chee , Shie Ming & Stacie*

And because, we were hungry... We ordered:



*A whole Chicken with potatoes!*



*Two very hungry person?? no..just acting*

The tall girl is Ruth

*Sher Lynn and Kae Yi*

*Shie Ming, Sher Lynn, Joyce Heng, Ruth, Stacie, Leslie, Ek Guan, Kian Chee, Kae Yi and Me!*

*always getting it at my head!!*$$^&*#@#^%*~$!!

*Chilling in cinema!*

*Kae Yi and Shie Ming*

*Cam whoring is the next thing to do!!*

*Tiffany is the one in black!*

Anyway, the entire picture, we totally, and really totally, forgot to include and thank someone very important..
Her name is Tiffany..
Stacie's younger sister.

Thanks Tiffany for the fanstatic pictures!!


I'm really looking forward to see you guys more often before I fly off.
Once I'm in Manchester, I seriously doubt I can meet up with you guys often, unless, I turn out to be a multi billionaire over there.

Well, see you guys around..

and..where is Prassan?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Long Awaited Chinese New Year post, made short!

Haha... Yes, the title says it all!!

The long awaited Chinese New Year post, made short!!

Well, the main reason is, most of the picture taken, wasn't done with my camera.

So, I'll have to hunt down my very the busy cousin, to get the photo, wish, might just take too long!

So, don't get a shock if you see me blogging about my Chinese New Year, in the mid year!

Anyway, here is a photo, of, what is left of the cousin here in Malaysia, plus 2 more, in the kitchen!

*back row: Lee Meng, May Hwa, Hwei Wan, Jamie, May Ling and...ME!!*
*Front row: Yuke (The Japanese) and Lee Ong*

Like I said, a post, made short!

Thats all!!

Anyway, to add to my Chinese New Year post, and also to make it look longer, I've added a picture I've taken during my resident Chinese New Year gathering. It is suppose to be some sort of bonding between residence. But, I just attended it for the food.

*Lion jumping!*

Anyway, I promise to get more pictures next time k.. :p

Anyway, to those of you, whom I failed to wish a Happy Chinese New Year, well, Happy Chinese New Year!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Biomedical Science Newcastle People

It was the first day of Chinese New Year, I was in Bangi, having a reunion dinner to celebrate my Uncle's Birthday and of course, Chinese New Year, when I decided that, I have got to see my friends off to Newcastle Sydney.

The little video of most of them, introducing their family.

I have to admit, even though I see you guys as the little MSN icon in my MSN, being so far away from Malaysia, I truly miss you guys and the time we've spend together.

Worst is, the day I'll leave Malaysia for Manchester, UK, will be the furthers we will ever be apart not by one sea, one continent, but many oceans apart and many many continent away.

I truly hope you guys forgive me and forget all those wrong doing and misconduct that I've done as a class rep and a personal friend.

So, till we meet again, one day, a day I shall aways be looking forward to, now and forever.

Sincerely and truly yours,
Hwei Ming

Friday, February 15, 2008


The greatest story ever told? The myth of 9/11? The man behind the curtain?
Myth and misunderstanding all made clear!

Watch this video by clicking here. Or the Zeitgeist picture above.

I truly recommend all of you guys, to take a look at this movie created by a Zeitgeist.

I don't recommend this movie to religious people! If you truly want to know why, go watch it yourself.

Enjoy the 2 hour, reality, really really real and honest movie!

I enjoyed it during SAD!

*P.S please don't come back to me and argue about the video

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

This year, I'll be spending Valentine's day alone! It is not like I spend Valentine's day last year with someone too actually.

Too bad.. Miss Right haven't cross my path, or, maybe because Mr. Wrong always did something wrong.

Anyway, I was blog hopping here and there, and I stumble upon on a picture, wish really caught my attention!

*Found in 3Point8*

Very meaningful!
Very simple!


Anyway, I was thinking, since, I've started Hwei Ming's Revolution, I would like to revolutionist the heart with an arrow!

I think the ordinary heart shape pierce with an arrow, should be replaced.

to like this:

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day people..


Happy Birthday to Valen Lee Joo Mong!


Val's its your 20th Birthday, time to grow up and learn how to flip a proper fish!

Sorry can't sent you a Valentine's Birthday gift.

Maybe I'll take a day and ship it over.

Happy Birthday Dear.

Hope you are doing fine over in Newcastle.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Face!

I've change the outlook of this blog!


I've change the title of The Nut Cracker!! to non other than, my very own name.

Hwei Ming

If you are linking me with the name The Nut Cracker!!, would it be so much just to ask you not change it to my name?

Reason: Cause I saw another blogger with the title Nut Cracker while I was blog hopping.

I've even change the old picture..
To a much newer one..

Don't complaint la k.. my noob skills of photo shop and curi picture from somewhere..


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Honda's Security System

I went to pyramid the other day(long long long...LONG time ago!)(Blog hasn't been updated long!!)

After shopping and dining with my dear sister, went back to the car park, and was stun!!

To find out, the car that we use to drove to pyramid, was unlock!
All windows down, door unlock..but thank god the car was still there!
For example, like the picture below:
*a raped car!!*

No money was taken, Nothing was all!!

At first, my sister and I thought it was just some sort of wiring malfunction. (What a noob excuse!)


We realize that, the car alarm system was disable!


Sent the car to the Honda workshop and this is what the guy said to me.
"Got people break into your car la..."

All you got to do is tempered with driver's door, twist the key lock 3 times to the right, and all windows and door unlock...swt...
So easy one.. The new Honda Accord which was just bought 4 months ago, with its integrated security system, fuel lock, gear lock and etc etc.. and all you got to do is temper with the door lock and the alarm stop working..

And this is what the guy said after I said,"That easy ar?"
"Don't worry.. they can enter you car, steal things in your car, but they can never steal your car!"

What a comfortable thing to note!
I'm safe from thinking one might try and steal my car, but my car can't protect me and my things.

This truly is a thumbs down from Honda.
Me being Honda's most loyal supporter, wanna hide my face somewhere.

Maybe it is time to move on to the all new Subaru STi :).. The car is HOT!!

So I admit, I'm a sucker for Japanese Car. But you have to admit, some whole lots of good shit on the road are Jap Cars.

American muscle cars just turns me off!

So, well yea, if you are driving a Honda Accord with the integrated security system, don't rely on the sub sonic sensor to warn you of a break in.

Just be careful!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Busy Busy Dizzy

Updates is coming, but Chinese New Year is already here!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

To Newcastle People: Enjoy your final day in Malaysia! :P
Tomorrow flight what time ar?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bus Crash No More!!

I've sign up the petition to aid a youth campaign to fight bad bad bus company and driver..

Sometime, driving around the street, really feels unsafe with all these bad bad drivers and unmaintained buses.

So, I've done what had to be done!

I've sign the petition as, I shall no more, tolerate anymore nonsense.

Lets see if the company responsible and bus driver responsible, be gone for good!

Anyway, sign a partition by visiting

Rapid KL

So, talking about bad bad nasty bus driver, well, I snap a couple of photo of bad bad driver..

This Rapid KL bus driver just squeeze inches away from the taxi, trying to avoid the long long Q everyone was in.

I believe, the public should have the right to give out fines, boy, will we make lots of money!

Anyway, to all bad bad bus driver out there..

I seriously do sent a SMS complain to that number at the back of your vehicle!

If you see me on the street, BE NICE!

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