Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Long Awaited Chinese New Year post, made short!

Haha... Yes, the title says it all!!

The long awaited Chinese New Year post, made short!!

Well, the main reason is, most of the picture taken, wasn't done with my camera.

So, I'll have to hunt down my very the busy cousin, to get the photo, wish, might just take too long!

So, don't get a shock if you see me blogging about my Chinese New Year, in the mid year!

Anyway, here is a photo, of, what is left of the cousin here in Malaysia, plus 2 more, in the kitchen!

*back row: Lee Meng, May Hwa, Hwei Wan, Jamie, May Ling and...ME!!*
*Front row: Yuke (The Japanese) and Lee Ong*

Like I said, a post, made short!

Thats all!!

Anyway, to add to my Chinese New Year post, and also to make it look longer, I've added a picture I've taken during my resident Chinese New Year gathering. It is suppose to be some sort of bonding between residence. But, I just attended it for the food.

*Lion jumping!*

Anyway, I promise to get more pictures next time k.. :p

Anyway, to those of you, whom I failed to wish a Happy Chinese New Year, well, Happy Chinese New Year!!

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