Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bus Crash No More!!

I've sign up the petition to aid a youth campaign to fight bad bad bus company and driver..

Sometime, driving around the street, really feels unsafe with all these bad bad drivers and unmaintained buses.

So, I've done what had to be done!

I've sign the petition as, I shall no more, tolerate anymore nonsense.

Lets see if the company responsible and bus driver responsible, be gone for good!

Anyway, sign a partition by visiting

Rapid KL

So, talking about bad bad nasty bus driver, well, I snap a couple of photo of bad bad driver..

This Rapid KL bus driver just squeeze inches away from the taxi, trying to avoid the long long Q everyone was in.

I believe, the public should have the right to give out fines, boy, will we make lots of money!

Anyway, to all bad bad bus driver out there..

I seriously do sent a SMS complain to that number at the back of your vehicle!

If you see me on the street, BE NICE!

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Michelle Chin said...

As far as I know, the number at the back doesn't works.

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