Thursday, February 21, 2008

G4 Febuary 2008 Gathering

Honestly, I would say, each gathering that goes by, more and more people are showing up!
Good huh?

*Ek Guan*

We were all so hungry, so we urgent to a makan place.


*Shie Ming trying to grab some bite*

*I just landed flat on the pasta!*
I was very hungry OK....

*Noob, trying to teach a noob taking pictures*
All of the shots taken, was unclear..even after I told him how to snap a picture.
Swt to the million!

*Stacie Goh and Shie Ming*

*Shie Ming and Leslie*

*Kian Chee , Shie Ming & Stacie*

And because, we were hungry... We ordered:



*A whole Chicken with potatoes!*



*Two very hungry person?? no..just acting*

The tall girl is Ruth

*Sher Lynn and Kae Yi*

*Shie Ming, Sher Lynn, Joyce Heng, Ruth, Stacie, Leslie, Ek Guan, Kian Chee, Kae Yi and Me!*

*always getting it at my head!!*$$^&*#@#^%*~$!!

*Chilling in cinema!*

*Kae Yi and Shie Ming*

*Cam whoring is the next thing to do!!*

*Tiffany is the one in black!*

Anyway, the entire picture, we totally, and really totally, forgot to include and thank someone very important..
Her name is Tiffany..
Stacie's younger sister.

Thanks Tiffany for the fanstatic pictures!!


I'm really looking forward to see you guys more often before I fly off.
Once I'm in Manchester, I seriously doubt I can meet up with you guys often, unless, I turn out to be a multi billionaire over there.

Well, see you guys around..

and..where is Prassan?


curryegg said...

wow... fun!
There are leng lui somemore... ;)
Must be a great gathering...

Choo Hwei Ming said...

I must say, it was the most fun gathering of the year..but, it is only the beginning of the year.. :p

Yeap..there were leng lui..but, not mine!! X.X


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