Sunday, February 17, 2008

Biomedical Science Newcastle People

It was the first day of Chinese New Year, I was in Bangi, having a reunion dinner to celebrate my Uncle's Birthday and of course, Chinese New Year, when I decided that, I have got to see my friends off to Newcastle Sydney.

The little video of most of them, introducing their family.

I have to admit, even though I see you guys as the little MSN icon in my MSN, being so far away from Malaysia, I truly miss you guys and the time we've spend together.

Worst is, the day I'll leave Malaysia for Manchester, UK, will be the furthers we will ever be apart not by one sea, one continent, but many oceans apart and many many continent away.

I truly hope you guys forgive me and forget all those wrong doing and misconduct that I've done as a class rep and a personal friend.

So, till we meet again, one day, a day I shall aways be looking forward to, now and forever.

Sincerely and truly yours,
Hwei Ming

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