Saturday, February 9, 2008

Honda's Security System

I went to pyramid the other day(long long long...LONG time ago!)(Blog hasn't been updated long!!)

After shopping and dining with my dear sister, went back to the car park, and was stun!!

To find out, the car that we use to drove to pyramid, was unlock!
All windows down, door unlock..but thank god the car was still there!
For example, like the picture below:
*a raped car!!*

No money was taken, Nothing was all!!

At first, my sister and I thought it was just some sort of wiring malfunction. (What a noob excuse!)


We realize that, the car alarm system was disable!


Sent the car to the Honda workshop and this is what the guy said to me.
"Got people break into your car la..."

All you got to do is tempered with driver's door, twist the key lock 3 times to the right, and all windows and door unlock...swt...
So easy one.. The new Honda Accord which was just bought 4 months ago, with its integrated security system, fuel lock, gear lock and etc etc.. and all you got to do is temper with the door lock and the alarm stop working..

And this is what the guy said after I said,"That easy ar?"
"Don't worry.. they can enter you car, steal things in your car, but they can never steal your car!"

What a comfortable thing to note!
I'm safe from thinking one might try and steal my car, but my car can't protect me and my things.

This truly is a thumbs down from Honda.
Me being Honda's most loyal supporter, wanna hide my face somewhere.

Maybe it is time to move on to the all new Subaru STi :).. The car is HOT!!

So I admit, I'm a sucker for Japanese Car. But you have to admit, some whole lots of good shit on the road are Jap Cars.

American muscle cars just turns me off!

So, well yea, if you are driving a Honda Accord with the integrated security system, don't rely on the sub sonic sensor to warn you of a break in.

Just be careful!


Michelle Chin said...

I do not fancy Japanese cars.


I prefer those from Germany.

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Well, different people has different taste.. X.x..

German cars just drink too much petrol.. and, they too like a vroom vroom car..


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