Monday, December 3, 2007

Watch this video below...

Well, this was how it all unfold..

Sometimes, I wonder, how on earth did this kind of politician were elected to represent this nation of ours.

Why cant there be a real leader in our country, like the famous, Martin Luther King or Winston Churchill. The answer, its easy, its because, it was so easy for them to become somebody in this nation, because, nobody wants to get involved.

It really disappoints me to see such act in political gathering. No, it is not the kicking, it is how, that man in the white song kok, answered the question ask me asked upon. Those kind of answers, are definitely those who are trying to get away from the truth. Who cares who was on the opening ceremony of the event, we want to know why it was going on like this! To be honest, attending an event, I really doubt anybody would care whose the VIP is.

Sometimes, it keep me thinking, where will this GREAT nation be, without people like the white song kok man. Hem...GREATER!!

To be honest, everyday, being a Malaysian, seeing situation deteriorate, really give you that sick feeling in your tummy. I wish, there was a better Malaysia for Malaysian to live in.

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