Monday, December 10, 2007

Science Versus Religion

Ever wonder?

Ever Wonder.. If you were traveling at the speed of light, and, you were to look into a mirror placed in front of your face, would you or would you not be able to see your reflection?

Your reflection travel at the same speed as you, so, you and your reflection are traveling at the same relative speed of (3x10^8ms^-1)

So, the big question is, will you be able to see your reflection?

The answer:



Because time is relative.

Like most of the fundamental unit of science, for example, the well known Celsius(C).

It was used to measure heat, but now, we know that, what really constitute to heat within a particular object is its vibrating particle within itself which creates energy which turns into heat. So, what we really need to measure whatever we want to measure is not use a thermometer, but, something that can count these vibrating particle at a standard scale.

All these new discovery, all the scientific breakthrough, it is no surprise that religion have clash with science.

One of the most famous scenes was went Dr. James Watson, one of the discoverer of the structure of DNA, lashed out at a women for asking him a question "Did your religious beliefs influence your work?"

Watson lectured that the main reason he chose to unlock the secret of DNA was to take God
out of the picture.

This is just one of the argument that science has against religion.

The creation of the Universe

In this 21st century, it is still no surprise that, there are people that still believe that, the world we live in, was created in 7 days! God created earth, in a week, with all those animals, plants, human, water, moon, sun and so on.

Well, as usual, science has its own point of view.Its called the Big Bang Theory. And what goes on after big bang is The Theory of Everything, which tries to unite Einstein theory of relativity and Quantum Mechanics to explain all that happen around us as present and The Famous String Theory which depicts that a long string stretches across the universe and it vibrates creating all that we see today.

Whom to believe?

Well, it hard to decide which is right.

If you take Genesis for an example, this world we live in, was created in 7 days. But does that really mean God started on Monday, move on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and finally Sunday? Note to self that, during the creation period, "days" were not define by Sun rise till Sun set. So, the word "days" might not have the equal meaning as to what we know today.

However, whatever the science point of view? Well, to be honest, non of the Theory stated above were actually proven...YET... So, whom to believe?

It is really up to the individual.

2 answers to 1 question

STOP! Look! Understand and think!

If a question of, why does the water in the teakettle boil?

You can say that, because heat is being transfered from the fire, to the kettle then into the water.And, because energy was supplied, the water molecule move more rapidly..and so on.. and so on...

Thats the science point of view..

But, If you ask the question again,
Why does the water in the teakettle boil?

My other answer,
"So, I can make my tea"

God, the All Mighty

Thank you for listening..

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