Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Happy 19th Birthday Yin Ying!

To one of the first few fellow I talk to in Uni, Yin Ying, Ooi Yin Ying, Happy 19th Birthday!! See, even before our long long unplan day began, she was as happy as she could be!!The flings that tastes like antibiotic and cough drop for lunch in Italianese!!We had food...But it was gone as soon as it arrive!!

Group pix1
yea...this is what biomedical scientist do best!!make bra!!!
Everytime i look in this picture, it really put a smile on my face.. (I;m not gay).. I just wish it was someone els la..haha..sry Kok Loong..kekeke.. but you look great with me..:P

The girls..

The G11 Family!!GP3We all in Ikano Power Center.. taking pic..and just jalan jalan..It was suppose to be a tri picture..but, yea,, it was more to me..kekeke... too bad!!while searching for a place to eat dinner.. god knows what got into us, that we started dacning on the street!! wakakkaka./..
See how yin ying would go round and round of Val!!
But the best dance was down with Yan Min and Val!!
*note the spinning effect!!moo...........*whack the cows ass!!
Our dinner landed us in a restaurant call Marche... Some cool fine dinning market style makan place.. one of a kind!! Thanks to Val!!
We were exhausted when we reach dinner time..
But comes first!!
from far, it looks like a family of plates..
Left: Val's Mushrooms thinging.. Right: my Fusili Cream Sause!

Sedap like hell!!

also sedap like hell!!Read the little word written on the little paper..
*tsk..tsk.. Yvonne is Taken!!wakakaka...

This all started when Yvonne took

this picture..
Then, it went on.. to... Vacant!!
Then Reserved!!

and to Occupied!!

And to nothing...

We had fun, but, yea..too long to blog about it..
so, not much things to say, and pictures says a thousands words for me.. :)

Thank you whoever who come.. Min Yuan, you are so dead!!
Happy Birthday Yin Ying..
God Bless all!!
God Bless you!!
hem..Mr. Hippo, where did you come from??

For Kimberlyn!!

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