Sunday, October 7, 2007

Last Physic Lab for the year 2007!

The end is finally here.. Now, I've got to prepare for my final's!!
This was the last lab session, so, Yea, a few picture for the happy moment is a must!! In this experiment, we have to detect the electrical fields between 2 points.
We take a multimeter to aid us in this experiment.
Upon completing... well, its time to play with the multi meter..

Zap....zap.... Don't you see the electri field building between you and i?

Mr. Poova and Me!! Zapping each other!!

Yin Ying and Chin Tian was busy doing their work, so no kacau them...

Yan Min and Sook Koon was having trouble with Multimeter.. so go tolong them...

Along with some Zap Zap for brain stimulation...

Zap zap Yin Ying for being so good...

I zap..zap... Siew Hwei, Hoping that her knowledge will come into my brian...

And Wei Li pulling my hair at the back was suppose to show the hair raising effect when you got ZAPed!!!

Yan Min and Sook Koon

Yin Ying and Chin Tian

Me and Kavi

Mr SpongeBob, made and born by Val Lee Joo Mong Mr SpongeBob, made and born by Val Lee Joo Mong
The Digi Yellow man... and I have a belly fight with!!

He wear his pant up so high, you can actually see his nuts!!

BWM F1 Racing team.. VS... Bape...

We went to Lisa.. and table was so small.. and, we are only allowed one hand on the table at a time.
First time, ever.. Spotted a spelling mistake in BlackBoard!!

Went to Don Sushi to makan tea...
Wee...looks at all the happy faces!!
Brr.. Ops..ate too much!!
My moment with Sushi...
Val's Moment with Sushi..
Yan Min's Moment...
Yin Ying's Moment..
I was so inlove with it.. My moment...Twice!! with Sushi!!
My first Bas ride ticket... BELOW!!

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