Sunday, October 7, 2007

1st Day of Badminton Competition!

This is my partner, Ooi Yin Ying...
And, together, we form a team..
Team Teamo Supremo!
Team Choo Yin Ming!
Team Ooi Hwei Ying!
Team Choo Ooi Hwei Yin Ming Ying!
Team Ooi Choo Yin Hwei Ying Ming!
Team Choo Ooi!
Team Ooi Choo!
Team Hwei Ying!
Team Yin Ming!
Team Ming Ying!
Team Ying Ming!
Team Hwei Yin!
Team Yin Hwei!
Team Kuala Lumpur Johor!
Team Johor Kuala Lumpur!
Team Class Rep with Classmate!
Team Classmate with Class Rep!
Team BMW F1 Racing and Honda Racing!
Team Honda Racing and BMW F1 Racing!
Team 4-wheel driver and 2-wheel sedan driver!
Team 2-wheel sedan driver and 4-wheeldriver!
Team Bandar Tun Razak and My Place!
Team My Place and Bandar Tun Razak!
Team White Shirt and Black Pants!
Team United Kingdom!
Team Manchester and Leeds!
Team UK!
Team not going australia!
Team Autralia Outcast!
Team Superman and Superwomen!
ok la... enough team names...
This was how we were suppose to look before the game began!!

After much attempt to win over Josh and Wen Jhe, we losted! 26-30...

So sad.. I smash..and smash... Yin Ying, shoot and shoot... But, we didn't made it..

Well, It was a really good game thought... I had a good partner, and a good opponent...

I'm happy that, they really deserved to win over me, as I've already tried my best to kick their ass!!

Josh and Wen Jhe, nice game! Hope you advance!!

So, this was how We look after losing the first game,...sad huh...

But, I'm happy that, my partner Yin Ying is still staying strong.. cause, without her, it would have been worst!!

Yin Ying staying strong!!

The players: Val, Chin Tian, Yin Ying, Yvonne, and Yan Min!

*just look at Yan Min's sweat...real SWT man...

After the match, we went over to Gian's house..

Played chess, and lose also..

what luck i have... :(

Yin Ying entertaint herself with some guitar play...

When looking at this picture, I always imagine her singing her lungs out, just like the linkin park singer shouting their heads off!!
After playing la around TaiPan..
Finally came to Leo's to makan dinner...

Order some exoctic drink..


For you only!!

It makes me sick, even to order it from the waiter..

The worst thing was, when the drink arrive, it really look like it came out of somebody's gut!!

Yes..the purple nearest to the picture is my drink!!

The right most if Yin Ying's drink.. 3rd from the right is Gian's drink... so strawberry...

My delicious food.. and my vomit look alike drink!!


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