Saturday, January 12, 2008

PaintBall !

To be honest, this is my first and, will definitely NOT be the last time I'm gonna play paint ball!

It is so much bloody fun!

You will and definitely will, experience those kind of situation like you get in the war movie, where you are actually see bullets flying pass you!

The sound of the gun, is so real!

Bullets or in the game, it is called the marker, actually do hurt! :p

Shu Lin, Yvonne and Me, posing after the game!

Just like Charlie's angel! :p

To be much more frank, the vest, is too small for me, and, I don't feel protected at all!

The game was fun, Shu Lin and I was shot, but amazingly, Yvonne didn't even got a single hit!

Well, that is definitely one good reason to be small I guess!

Anyway, I was shot on my legs , one on my hands and one into my mouth (not literary into my mouth)

But, as the Marshal said, your adrenaline won't make you notice of the pain at all!

Anyway, battle scars!!

*ignore bulu kaki!*
This was 10cm away from my testicles!
I feel much relieve to know, i still can celebrate Father's day!

I was shot at my hands countless of time!

but, to be honest, all this scars, I didn't actually played Rambo in the field.
It was my first time, and well, I was kindda chicken, so, I played camper.. :p

Sorry to all those people who got shot by me, I know I shot a guy a few times then only realize he was shot a few times already.. Its complicated!

Anyway, anyone, wanna paintball?
Call me!
I want to go!

and, do organize more!

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