Thursday, January 17, 2008

My RM30 iTalk Expenditure!!

I was given RM30 iTalk credit, courteously of TM, to use and blog my hearts out about it!

And, here.. is my extra-ordinary story!!

I'm sorry TM if you don't like it, but, I was told to blog my experience out, and, this is what I'm gonna do..

Here is goes...

After receiving my email on..
TM iTalk Buddy Blog Entry & Free RM30 Credit

Was totally clueless on what to do with the RM30.

Most of my friends oversea studying are back in Malaysia,
my sisters oversea are busy working,
most of my friends are busy packing and getting ready for fly to Newcastle Australia.

So, I decided not to just waste my RM30 credit on pointless calls.

So, I went an explore the possibilities of spending it on other things.

And so,

I thought of giving iTalk Buddy a try.

*iTalk Buddy*

iTalk Buddy-A kind of MSN, Yahoo, AIM, AoL, and gmail chat alike.

After downloading the program, going countless updates and unblocking firewall,

I lunch iTalk Buddy,

No one was in my list!!.... For a minute that is!!

I was added by joshuatly, one of participating blog.

We chatted, and was trying to find our way around iTalk Buddy.

And, I was still trying to find a way to spend my RM 30.

So, I decided to cash it into iTalk Buddy.


*Buddy don't want money!*

I swear I was online, nicely talking to joshuatly, and it writes "You have to be online to perform this operation. Please check your connection and try again."

I've check my connection and tried again, and decided not to continue.

Sorry TM, I guess it is some bug in my computer or problem with the server or with my service provider.

I'm a StreamyX user by the way.. *winks* :p

Anyway, back to my RM30 credit..
I was thinking.. GOSH.. is it so hard to spend money??

Other bloggers such as joshuatly, Wan, michelle, or may leng, must have finish their credit and must be craving for more.. *Just Speculation.. :p*

So, I turn to Mojikan..

Sign Up for Mojikan which was link to iTalk Buddy.

Went on to a page where they ask me to write a short description about myself.

And so, I wrote" I'm like a big friendly giant!"
*no comments on the description please!*

And, I got this!!

*Hwei Ming is an Executive!!~!!*

How did they know?? :p

I went into Mojikan, see little cartoon everywhere.

Got into a log in page which also seems to be like some sort of online game login page.

*Mojikan? huh? Game Login page?? huh?*

So, back to the RM30. I wanted to spend it in Mojikan, but, I really find it hard finding my way around the site. Some of the icon, i can not click.

And, it seems, the "I am Executive" isnt a Mojikan! @.@

For a not computer literate person, I've tried my best reading and clicking everything I can see.

And so, what to do with mt RM30 iTalk Credit?

I started push the button on all the MSN contact that I have.

And, whats the verdict?

"I got use la, but, I don't need it now."

"I don't need it, but i know someone who might need it..:)"

"why you join stupid contest?"

Finally, I got, my friend, Yin Ying and Rachel Tan to used it for me.

I guess, giving it to someone who needs was better then wasting it.

Well, thats my truly RM30 Free iTalk Credit experience.

Win or No win the contest, I'm pretty sure a TM person is definitely reading this post to rank it.

So, let me TM a piece of my mind.

Why Pink? Why is the iTalk Buddy Pink? Can't it be blue or black?
I believe it lacks of professionalism.

I as a soon gonna be biomedical scientist, is not looking forward to have a pink IM popping up in my desktop. It just loses the professional image.

I believe, TM should simplify their site or program to be more user friendly.

Overall, I'm not saying TM is bad or lousy, I believe, there are still room of improvement and, it should be exploit while it is still there.

Conclusion, my RM30 iTalk Credit which I did not use, educate me on going TM's program.
Before this, I didn't even know iTalk Buddy exist.


joshuatly said...

lol, buddy dont want your money,...
keep your money to make calls using your hand phone la!

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Buddy really doesn't want my money.. How can i not be connected, when I'm nicely chatting with you? kekeke..

May Leng said...

nope, haven't use my ITalk yet. No time but I browse thru a little on the Moji thingy. =)

Pink is nice ...hehe .. it's a girl thing. Look at the design, it's meant for girls. Cute and adorable.

Good luck with the competition.

Choo Hwei Ming said...

I feel gender-ly discreminated then.. :p..

I guess, one day, we might have a,

iGuy Messenger and a iGirl Messenger.

and after exchanging phone number through iGuy and iGirl,

you use iTalk to talk..

if all works will and you both got married,
it'll be,

iHusband and iWife..

and, when old age, and one have to meet father in heaven, it'll be,

iDie and iCry..

Ignore the LAME-ness of this comments..

catsndogs said...

hahaha.. i was there at the event. hmmmm , u can seell to me if u wan, keke.. have a nice day

Anonymous said...

hi hwei ming!! thanks so much for your comments on the mojikan...if u have any issues with the interface or navigability, do leave us a message on our MojiKan
Forums...we are in the process of improving the website tools as well so your feedback would be most invaluable...mojikan

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