Thursday, January 3, 2008

Overdue December Post!!

Couple Duo!

I'm trying to make my parent keep a healthy lifestyle by making sure, they get sufficient exercise, well, to see their grand children in the future...

so, I make them but a sport shoe..

But, who know, the two loving couple (my parents) eventually bought the same pair of shoe..

Just for the note, they haven't use those shoes for jogging YET!!

Victorian Gathering Batch 2005

Well, victorian will always be victorian..

Nothing much has change within these individual I've graduated from VI in the year 2005..

They are as crazy as before..

One thing for sure, many of them started smoking..

There is actually like a layer of cloud (smoke) flying above my head!!

The band was awesome, I really like the band wish I think was called, Melodisaster..

Honestly, it is not your average malay band you get in the street..

And again. yea, the layer of smoke..

A very Thai Restaurant!!

I step in this restaurant with my family, thanks to my sis craving for Thai food..

And, in the restaurant, I started notice, something really particularly NOT MALAYSIAN ABOUT IT!!

There was no AGONG picture, but, A picture of the Thai Leadership...The food, well, tasted really Thai... And chef was a Thai..

And you know whats the best thing...


It is truly, A very Thai Restaurant!

I found a dog!!

This is the 3rd Dog that my family have stumble upon..

I really don't know whats UP with my house and DOG coming over...

I found this dog, not too far from my house, stuck cold in the drain..

I reach out my hand and nab it out of the drain..

My mum gave it a wash...

And soon, I started playing with it..

It was a really really cute..and FAT puppy...

I think it is a bull dog...

However, the very next morning when i woke up, my mum told me that she gave it away one of the neighbor...

Sad, I couldn't even gave it a name, and now, it is gone!!


Lazy Cat!The title says it all!!

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