Thursday, January 24, 2008

University of Manchester

I've sent my UCAS in, and University of Manchester have replied me.
By the look at it, I'm like so going to Manchester by September!

Feeling sad, as I have 9 months to think about leaving my family behind in Malaysia and go ahead in life in the UK.

Not too sure who will I meet in UK,
Not too sure what I'll do in UK,
Not sure if I'll ever come back to Malaysia..


*feeling fucked up* a bad way..

Anyway, it looks like a fresh new start in the UK for me,
New Friends,
New University,
New culture..
and most probably,
A new breed of girlfriends.. X.x..

I'm dreaming too hard!! :p

Anyway, anyone been there before?
Any advise on where to stay?
Which of the University Accommodation is best?

I'm truly spoil for choice, I have so many choices of accommodation, i just cant make my mine now...

And, I don't understand why am I finding out now.. X.x..

Anyway..anyone that has submitted UCAS has a yougofurther account?
Mari add me la... I feel kind of alone in the network..


Anway, take care and god bless. :)


Michelle Chin said...

Haha, why do you feel bad?

When I choose to go to Melbourne, I feel quite elated despite having to worry about the difference in culture ( Us Asians are more conservative in many ways ).

But hey, as you say, it's a fresh start! And having a new breed of girlfriends doesn't sound too bad either.


Choo Hwei Ming said...

Yours is a twinning program right? well, at least you'll have a decent classmates when you go there already..

All my classmates are going to Australia, and I'm like the odd ball going to UK..


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