Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Traffic Jam 18th & 19th January 2008 at PWTC

To begin with, this time, I shall say, the title doesn't says it all!

I am not telling you that there will be a traffic jam at 18th & 19th January 2008 at PWTC, so please, do not find an alternative road if you are heading to that direction!

I am here not to talk about an ordinary traffic jam,
*an ordinary traffic jam!*

I am here, to talk about an extraordinary Traffic Jam, the kind that, isn't literary a Traffic Jam.
*the not so ordinary traffic jam!*

Why am I saying this?

Well, I've registered for this event, due to my lack of things to do(I'm on Holiday!)

Anyway, like always, people would say, I would say,
What are the chances of being selected?

And, I said too soon.


There could only be too reason to this:
1) There were too little blog participant;
2) Boy, this blog is sure is an interesting place!

I'm sticking to reason number 1!

I'm Joking Nuffnang...Don't take away my adds.. :)

Anyway, so, yea, I am here, to do a big shout out, to everyone, come to the event!

Details (stolen from Nuffnang's Blog):

19th January 2008, 5pm – 7pm

YOUTH’08 Main Stage, Hall 4, PWTC

1. Icebreakers
2. Trivia quizzes
3. Celebrity Blogger Session featuring Kenny Sia, Ringo Tan ( Nicole Tan ( and Pink Pau (
4. Shortlist Showcase of Top 10 Traffic Jam Blog sites
5. Final Award Ceremony

Don't ask me who are those celebrity bloggers, all i know is Kenny Sia because my sister reads his blog.

So please come, I think it would be really fun to meet new people/journalist/the celebrity blogger.

And, also, since you'll be there too, don't forget to vote!
Because, this is a competition!
Vote for whoever you think deserve it!

Anyway, if you are clueless on how to get there,

Use the Star LRT and get to PWTC station. The PWTC building are just walking distance from it.


Since iTalk Buddy is the main sponsor for this event,

I'm here to talk about the iTalk Buddy.
I'm suppose to receive my iTalk RM30 for free and blog about my experience using it,
Like an example given by one of the email I receive, buy virtual item.

I would say, I'll just spend the RM30 having phone sex with an unknown girl oversea calling my friends oversea.

If you don't know what is an iTalk Buddy is, I don't blame you.
I took the liberty of finding it out though.

I google iTalk Buddy and, got into their site.

They offer some services,

1. PC to mobile phone calls;
2. Mobile Blogging (coming soon);
3. MOJI Virtual Pet Service.

More about it at CLICK HERE!! (It is a save to click!)

I guess thats all,
so, remember,

19th January 2008, 5pm – 7pm

YOUTH’08 Main Stage, Hall 4, PWTC

Be there or be square!

God Bless :)
Take care!

Oh... Almost forgot my Youthly advise.. Don't Do Drugs!!

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