Tuesday, January 1, 2008


G4 Gathering

2nd January

I hope jadi la, sorry for the very the last minute..

noon till midnight..

assemble in sait yie house,

move to ampang eat yong tau fu,

hang out till 4 like that, go to IMU, pick up the IMU peepz

then move to dinner...



Wen Jhe outing...

Paintball for 4th Jan, 4-6pm, Subang

Website, http://www.ttsportspark.com

Attached file was from the event manager, which is rules (mostly crap...)

Additional info that you might wanna know/need to know
-specs is ok but can be annoying so go for contacts if prefered
-sports attire best cause comfort and I just found out that the paint stays! , its ok either short or long sleeve T shirt but long sleeve means more protection, jeans is ok but again it stains, shorts also ok but harder to kneel on dirt, and ffs dont wear slippers/sandals
-girls might want to bring thier personal sunblock
-guys worried about their little brother may wear more underwear or get the golf protec underwear something... But everyone(include event manager) says no need 1 la
-reach by 3.30pm (prior 15 mins for briefing)

Please help pass this msg to those who are playing or interested, I dont have all emails le

come come..and let me shoot you!!

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