Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random Post During My Study Break

I've just realize, that I haven't properly introduce my 2 little green tortoise, I've bought to accompany me to study at wee hours in the night..
To make matter worst, I didn't even give it an official name.
One day, its name is Turtle General, and the next, it become, chicken..
So, now, I shall give it a permanent name!!
This turtle here, by the power invested in me, by my dad's money, my mum's love and care, my friend's trusts (only 1 of them don't trust me!! :P) , and, my sister ensuring that the tortoise stays alive under my supervision, I shall name this tortoise I bare in my hands......
General Lee!

General Lee is so powerful, it actually looks like a real general, that can common an entire coalition army to invade Iraq!

General Lee is the biggest tortoise I have, so, i reckon, the name suits him!
And, he actually gave me a FIVE!

This little fellow over here, is a female tortoise, god knows how did the shop keeper identify their gender, but yea, it's a female..

and, by the power...blah blah blah blah....

I shall name you....

Yin Ying... O.o...

Yin Ying?? Why??

Because... I can never express how much I disagree with you sometimes... I do this...

Die Yin Ying the tortoise.. DIE!!!!
(Joking lar....) :)
Anyway, last Friday, was driving to AC, when, I accoutered this unique cloud formation.. Dont tell me what it looks like, just keep it to yourself.

Anyway, Sunday, I stumble on this article...
and apparently, Singaporens suck in having Sex!!

Well, No worries, I am here, have no fear!!

To female only, I really don't mind teaching you for free for a night! The rest of the night, it is RM 1000!

Remember to sent in your picture, HIV & STD free certificate, personal information, experience you had, to...

and I shall get back to you ASAP.

*Not liable if you are not good enough!

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