Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good Reads

I went to a party, mum, it was a late night drinking party.
I knew you'll be mad, mum, but I went instead.
I promise you, mum, I will not drink and drive.
I'm already big, mum, I know how to take care of myself.

At the party, mum, there were alot of people.
There were loud music, mum, people dancing everywhere.
My friend offered me a drink, mum, but I drank soda instead.
Deep down in me, mum, I'm very proud of you.
For, it because of you, mum, I not like these intoxicated people.
I love you, mum, and I wish you were to see me.
To see me, mum, not being drunk and saint.

Now, mum, the party is over.
People are leaving the place, mum, so am I.
I said goodbye to my friends, mum, and walk towards the car.
But, as I open the car door, mum, something happen.
I heard a loud noise, mum, and a bright light came towards me, I closed my eyes.

As I open my eyes, mum, I saw lights everywhere,
People were running around me, mum, a heard siren at the end of my sight.
A paramedic came to me, mum, he told me I was knock by a male drunk driver.
It must have been someone from the party, mum, I swear I did not drink.
The paramedic told me, mum, that I'm losing too much blood, and I won't make it.

It is so unfair, mum, I really did not drink.
Why am I here dying, mum, when all the he could do is stare?
I feel so much pain, mum, I just wish you were you to hold me.
How can my life just burst like a ballon, mum, when he was the one that drink?
Why didn't this parent tell him not to drink, mum, then I might just be home tonight.

I'm very sorry, mum, I love you very much.
Tell daddy to be strong, mum, tell brother not to cry.
I'm proud of you, mum, I swear thats true.
You did nothing wrong, mum, I should have listen to you.

I'll be going away now, mum, I'll be waiting for you.
Don't miss me, mum, one day we'll be together again.
I'll say no more but these, mum, I love you and I shall take my longest sleep ever.

Love you mum.

Doesn't mean, you are not driving, you wont be kill by a drinking and driving, driver.

I have a friend, who had his brother killed in a car accident, and the family did not disclose the news to the grandma, as she has a very weak heart. And, uptill this day, the poor grandma thinks that, her dear grandson is studying oversea, and was too busy to return home.

Love you mum, my friends.. X.x

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(^^,) Odie said...

i read this poem somewhere before! i think its from the chicken soup for the teenage soul... touching poem eh? but it really made sense

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