Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Holiday...>.<

Ok..Ok... I know it is really ugly.. I know it is pointless in buying it, but, I've just got to get an alternative footwear from my RM 10 Slipper, which is slippery and stinking, and my sport shoe, which, serve no purpose wearing if you are not going for sports!!

So, I got Crocs...
I just don't understant about the nature of Crocs.

Why the hole in the shoe?

But, I would certainly say, they really have one nice pakaging for your very X shoe... O.o
Not to mention, the crocs sysmbol, can also be said, somelike..cute...

Much much better then the old man, crocodile brand.. X.x...

Well, The crocs is really comfortable, it has lots of space for my toe to wiggle around, i feel like walking on tau fu... and, when the wind blows, it really feel like carrying in air-con in your shoe.

Definately not something you wanna wear during winter..

Strictly ignore my bulu kaki please!!

*Wiggle Wiggle*

Me and my Mum!

I really don't know how i got my mum to do this, but, yea, this is my mummy. My tuggs! and, i'm her tug. If you wanna mess with her, you have to face Don Hwei Ming first!

My Doggie lies over the next house infront of the old house! I really pity my dog, Jovy.. This bitch is sure gonna miss thing done the old ways..

I always notice my bitch staring at my new house, thinging what would it be like to live there..

Actually, I always notice my bitches staring at the new house.. Photo of the other dog not available.. kekekeke..

And most importantly,

I manage to play pool with my dear friend,

Praveena Mahadevan

Don't ask me about the score ok, I just got to let you all know, it has really been a long time for the both of use to shot some hole, or as what our G4 people says, go library!

Both of us, medical student and scientist, really made a fool out of ourselve playing pool..

Well, the last time i played was with you prav, that day, was with you prav, and i bet, the next time we'll be playing we'll be saying, "the last time i play was with you!!" :p

Good Game Prav..

University Hospital Malaya!

Alright, alright, no offence, but, the moment I read this, I gotta shock of my life, I really wanted to go down to the mental illness clinic and treat myself! or shall i put it as !!! or ! x3...

Not only they don't want you to come back, they add 3 exclamation mark to it to note your attention! Hey, baca blog ini ya, jangan pulang lagi!!!


Alright, alright, Article 10 perlembagaan persekutuan? What is that?

I mean, article 11 issue hasn't even been resolve, and now, I'm seeing article 10?

I'm no suprise next time i open the news paper, it'll be article 9, 8...7...6..5...4...3...2..1

when it reaches to 1, I hope there is a Malaysia left!

I really think, if HINDRAF manage to get the trillion they demand, our contries economy will seriously improve! *Go get them boy!!*

But chances are slim, but, always worth the try!

Anyway, I just hope HINDRAF, or any of you, do not take it to violence. You do not want another version of MAY 13, but indian this time going around this time around, when I'm having my holiday. :p

Anyway, thats all for now!

*This blog is neutral and writers shall not be liable for entry posted*

*Come on man, I'm so thin, no money to eat, don't sue me la, you wont get much..*

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