Friday, March 2, 2007

1st School of Biomedical Science Class Gathering (1March2007)

We started the day... in taylor's library.. Studying.. See..wert a freak we are..Some bunch of kids tring to score in exam and have fun at the same time!!

Val was too affraid that i might get her into an accident, so, it was best that she sats infront.. With the SRS air bags! hahaha.. :p
We reach 1u safely...dont worry.. Val, trust my driving or not?

(Left to right: Yin Ying, Val, Yvonne)keke.. val under the table!!

After the long and hungry journey, we all decided to eat. Val wanted Kim Gary.. But somehow, there isnt a Kim Gary in 1U. So, we all settled for wong kok. A sort of Kim Gary. Eat there, laugh like some crazy people, talking crap, talking about kong fu fighting, talk about game, talk about the class rep, talk just about everything we can talk and laugh at the same time.
I must say la, wong kok really sell weird drink.. Kok loong order sultfate ion man~!!

(kok loong and me)(kok loong so shy)
From left to right: Erica,Yueen Mun, kok loong, hweiming(me), seok kheng, Yin Ying, Val, Yvonne and Yan Min

After Wong Kok, we all process to GCS.. Thanks to the highly intelectual

Seok Kheng:eh.. it is from G1 till G9 ar..

Hwei ming: problem...

After coming out of the toilet.....

Hwei Ming: dey... G1 till G9.. but wert house??

Kok loong: I also dont know la...


But, what make the big laugh of the day was, when seok kheng enter a rondom house and started screaming...and we all ran out as fast as we can!!

*Seok Kheng has one big guts!!*
The movie we watch was Dreamgirls... To guys, i dun think it is a movie you wanna watch or bring your GF along.. I would not recomment it to a person who dislike singtalking..

After i left the place, i was singtalking my entire conversation!!

Wait on monday!! I'll singtalk infront of the class!!

After the movie, we all proceed to Jaya Jusco with a little pitstop in Pets wonderland!

after jaya jusco, we all went to McD because Yan Min was hungry..we ate there..and had fun there...alot!!

(lala pose)

(see ham pose!!)*only people who went might have an idea on wert i just said!!

The Finali of the gathering was the Futsbal!(because the video arcade was close)

We were screaming, we were laughing, we were shouting, we were sweating, we were jumping, we were clamping.. basically, we were doing all those stuff your mum will tell you not to do in public! Never in my life i ever has such an intense game of futs ball!! It was a 3 on 3 game... Val, me, kok loong vs yan min, yvonne, and yinying. Camera lady, seok kheng. I think, in this game, we had entire people on u-bowl looking at us.. :p.. Dont care!!!

Oh good.. look at the time.. well, after we finish 2 games of futsbal, we all went to bread story, bought some bread, drive back to ss15, then to taylors, then to caltex.. and the day was all over.


Special thanks to:

Hwei Ming, Seok Kheng, Yan Min, Yin Ying, Kok Loong, Yvonne, Val, Erica and Yueen Mun for making this little first class gathering a merorable one!

Also, the organisers.. Thank you very much.

and definately, to Seok Kheng for taking those wonderful pictures.

Finally, i would like to say, more fun will come and i promise you that!

Also, i am truly sorry to all those that want to make it but didnt. I promise you that the next class gathering will at least try to be on a more satisfying date! Special Sorry to Gian who really really wanted to go.. I'm sorry..

Anyway, Yee sang celebration on Monday, AC.. be there guys!!


~God bless

I love you guys!!

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