Friday, March 2, 2007

To My G4-ians

I finally took a day when i was free today, and went through the entire archive of the G4 blog. I remember the days where we use to walk a one! And nothing could come in our way!
I remembered the days where i was happy to at the top of the class..Also, remembered the days where i dislike being one..

I remembered the people i meet!

I remebered their faces

And i also remembered their laughters.

If some of you guys don't know yet, I am currently studying in Taylor's University College main campus. Doing my first year in biomedical science.

Everyday, i still come early as usual to college, and thats the only same thing experince last year and this year. I must say, i truly miss you guy alot. Too many till I personaly cant give a comment to it. You guys made me laugh, you guys practically made me who i am today. A better person. A person that is not into violents and all those crap anymore.

I truly for once admit that i miss you very much. I miss the way you smile at me, I miss the way how you make me wonder, how much i needed to be there just to see you.

To you prav, I really miss chilling out with you. Chilling out with you have make me realize how some people are just so so darn nice in the inside. I truly for once am greatful that we finally came to a same wavelenght around mid college. You are truly a goddess that walks on earth. You can make rain turn to shine also shine turn to rain.

To Prassan, my brother, I seriously miss you alot. I miss helping you in your studies and i really miss the time we spend together studying in the library. I miss the time where we organize outing for out class, i miss the time where both of us would act dumb and so on.. I really miss all those secret about the class we shared together..

To Jac Kee, I seriously miss your company every morning in College. During those day, i would never fear to be alone in college as i know, you were always there, under the tree. I miss seeing your facial expression changes according to your mood. I miss all the advise you gave to me. And i definately miss all of our time we spend during break. I miss the time where we would just seat under the tree and just do nothing.

To Henry and joyce, I truly miss the time where i would mark love sign for thr both of you on the table. Joyce, i miss the time where you will go crazy over almost practically everything. I miss all the advise you would give to me when i was too strict or too tense. Henry, i miss those days where you would turn red in class. and still missing those moment where you try to beat Kae Yi in pool.

To Tay Kae Yi, I miss those time where you volunteer to help. I miss those time where you would go one step further compared to everyone. I really appreciate all the time you spend with me. All those free candies you give to me. All those priceless acompany you spend with me.

To Kian Chee, I really miss pangkor also. And i have to admit it, it is all thanks to you. I always rememeber you when i think of pangkor. I really miss the time where you would make fun of Mr Yap.

I cant believe i'm saying this, but, i feel like i wanna tear writing this post. I wanted so so badly to turn back the clock and go to all those sweet memorize we have together.

I'm truly miss you G4 even though i have another class to lead as class rep!

I know i have given my best as a G4 class rep! And I am proud to say, I don't really think i can have another class like G4.

But i still got to to do it for my New Batchmates.

I miss you alot!

~God Bless

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