Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cows burps contributes to GH effects!

While having dinner today, my sis brought up this new world updates from the STAR about some scientist in berlin that has develop a pill to stop Cows from burping!!

And the reason why?

Apparently, cows burps contribute up to 4% of the total green house gasses emision in the world!And so, i wondered, where will the gase in the cow go to if it can not come out as burp? Fart? kekeke.. and, if the cow fart, dont you think the point of stoping the cow from burping is just nonsense?
How about human then? do we need pills too?
Well, for now, I pity the cow!!

Don't you?

Just imagine if i were to stop you from burping! and maybe in the future stop you from farting!

To hard to imagine! kekeke

Hwei Ming

~God Bless the Cows!~

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