Monday, March 5, 2007

Yee Sang Tosing for School of Biomed 2007 (5March2007)

Our class biggest, smallest yee sang, toss of the century!!

I never expected participation was so so good in School of Biomedical Science!!

That i serously conclude, we'll need a better place for the next, whatever gathering.. kekeke..

Hehe.. it was at the count of 3 that the plate of yee sang was toss by over 20 people!!

Look as every desperatly tries to toss the already tossed yee sang..

Wishes i heard, mostly by me(hehehe):

I want first class honour...

I want toyota supra 2008 for my birthday..

I want a scholarship...

I want more money..

I want a phantom!!

More luck.. long life..and so on.. hehehe..

Somehow in this picture, i notice a huge colour contrast on my hand.. dang...Me and Ying Fei The most taken photo of Silas and Ying FeiThe already gone crazy class doing the so called "lala" post!!I should really abolish some of this weird hands reaction!!

Finally, a quality picture of Biomedical and Biotechnology student of Taylor's School of Biomedical Science.

P.S.:While editting this post, an error have occur with the HTML code. I am too lazy to fix it, so, just bare with the annoymous like when you accidently click within this post. Truly sorry.

~God Bless

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