Monday, August 13, 2007

My 13 August 2007

Feeling for the day: Event of the day:
Yea, today we had chemistry! some cool stuff was going on in the lab...
We were preparing to burn Magnesium and placed it into oxygen rich enviroment!

As i said, My samsung camera has selective vision!!
Not true??
anyway, Magnesium + Oxygen = FlashBang!!

Anyway, I was hungry, and was walking to Pepercorn with Val.. and i stubble on Wei Li's car!!
Ooi.. wei li..park properly lar....
Check out all the picture angle on how out Wei Li's parking was.. kekeke...

Don't Kill me...........kekekeke..... I ended by day with some satisfying bowl of hot tomota cream soup at pepercorn.. how heavenly it was.. Price also..very nice...
Hwei Ming.. Out!!
Doing Stats now.. Will Study Biomed later...
So.. You should do the same too.. Mini test is coming..
And I come!!!!!!!!

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