Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TEMPTationS Part 2

Japanese Food in my opinion is also a must nowadays..
People are just so into WASABI and stuff...
So, for those japanese people and Japanese lover..there is a Sushi bar there too...
DSC04694 copy

And.. Of course, see food lover... you'll be in heaven!
DSC04538 copy

Never in my life, I see people stack so much oyster and prawns!!
DSC04539 copy

Don't you just feel like you are swimming in the ocean?
DSC04537 copy

Like I said earlier, there is on the spot cooking services...

And I must say, go try their satay!
Its really fat in meat! and I think, it contributed in preserving the taste of the satay!
It's truly, one of a kind!
DSC04581 copy

Meat are on display, but, when they cook, they fresh from the fridge...
DSC04577 copy

DSC04575 copy

Doesn't it look...Yummy to you already?
DSC04574 copy

DSC04572 copy

Anyway, I had my chances to go into the kitchen..... when the action was going on..and it was smoking!! X.x
DSC04750 copy

DSC04766 copy

DSC04764 copy

You can actually see the oil droplet jumping..
DSC04765 copy

DSC04763 copy
So, now, I better get the heck out of there..before my dSLR gets oily!!

so, ciouz..

Part 3 is next!!
Desert.. a must see.. or..why see..go there and try it yourself!!

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iCalvyn said...

the oyster look great

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