Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Party @ Spicy


The well waited.. post of the moment... I'm pretty sure..many of my friends have blog about it.. I'm like the slowest to update anything la..haha... Supported my Jan-E somemore.. Call me the slowest blogger last month when she talks about me and my blog.. BOO!!

Anyway... I always love doing this..

To all those of you, who didn't get to go, follow me and my friends into the party!!
My friends and I, we are known as DGMB, Definately Gang, Maybe Bang..
Why, you too can also be one... Just read on.. Haha... :D

This is Stanley.. The tallest DGMB-ian..
DSC05539 copy

This is Nigel, most of the time, the master mind of DGMB-ian...
DSC05544 copy

This is david.. He is the.... DGMB-ians...
DSC05545 copy

This is Joshua.. acting PR for DGMB-ian...
DSC05553 copy

This is Aaron... Best photographer among all DGMB-ians..
DSC05560 copy

This is Pam Song... also one of the mastermind of DGMB..
DSC05559 copy

This is Sheng Mae.. Meet Sheng Mae... DGMB or not.. Tak tau.. lol..
DSC05543 copy

and..and.. meet me!! CEO? hahaha....
*joking k...*
After DGMB-ians kwel me...
DSC05563 copy

meet little boy....

very cute le.. OMG!! I can't wait to get a kid of my own..
DSC05548 copy

Anyway, there are many more people on the table, however I can't get a good shot of them, so, I don't want to post them up here..

Anyway, we were Spicy Mamak stall...waiting for the party to kick in...

So, lets go inside next k...

*I'm moving to and I'm not bring-ing this post along... :)
Do remember to change your links. =)


Nigelais said...

Waaa..since when I become mastermind? Haha.

joshuaongys said...

roflmao acting PR.. hahaha studyin info engineering end up in PR.. hahahah COOL!!

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