Monday, July 14, 2008

Chocolate Indulgence,0.jpg

oh... out of bed already honey..
come..sit right here, next to me...
here's your latte, just the way you love it,
2 cubes of sugar, extra extra hot latte,for the extra special person, you.

Do I look cute in an apron honey?
hehe...can you help tie it around my waist? thanks're the best..

Shut down that laptop dear, turn off your mobile.
You are always too busy, meeting people, solving problems,
Come dear,today, just close your eyes and don't see them.
But, you must see me ok.... I'll show you my goo-goo-ly eyes...

now that I have your attention, what would you like for lunch?
a bolognese? with lemon lime bitters to push it all down?
No problem....

erm... honey... I've overcooked the food and, there aren't any limes left in the fridge..
I'm sorry....???
Aw...don't try and save lunch dear..lets just scrap lunch and move on to tea..
it's not everyday you get to enjoy your lunch as tea now can you?
how about, your favorite chocolate cake, made with the finest ingredients specially for you by me??
surprise?? me too... I didn't know it'll turn out so well.

How did I make it?
I'll let you know...
1 spoon of effort, 2kg of love, 4 cups of thoughts, and 3 blocks of your favorite chocolate.
Mixed with gentle loving care, baked from the bottom of my warmest heart, shaped it with my bare hands.

And alas, your lunch is served...

Chocolate Indulgence was brought to you by Sheng Mae and Hwei Ming.

"Guys, as cruel as life my seem to be at time, there are happy moments to cherish.
I enjoyed writing this very much and I hope, whatever may seem to be a problem, you wouldn't let it ruin your day as you'll never know someone might just bake you your special chocolate cake."
Thank you for your time.


joshuaongys said...

nice one hehehehheheheh..

am still installing some softwares after reformatting my computer.. O.O

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

aww that's so 'sweet' pun intended. SOunds like a white picket fences scenario..

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