Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Party, and Me!!!

I don't want fans.. I want friends!!!


anyway, I took many pictures with my friends...
for starters..
Kel Li (Big sister), Sheng Mae( The Sister to Sheng Li), and....Nigel (Papa Bear!!) hahaha

DSC05585 copy

Curry Egg or I know her as Kelly Tan.. friends from Birthday Bash..
DSC05602 copy

Willsor... Friends from Nokia IAC...
DSC05607 copy

gee... i don't think I wanna have fans la..

To all my, i didn't know fans.. Come right up!! Be my friend, not my fan.. thanks..;)

Out of no where.. Pam ask me to post..Kawaiii post... or.. I know it as..LaLa post..haha...
DSC05620 copy

Then, rock post!!
DSC05621 copy

OMG!! I turning Lala la...

This is like the most lala picture of me.. I look so Ah Beng... OMG...

Who is the photographer ar??
DSC05622 copy

DSC05623 copy

I made new friends that day, and one of them is Johny Ong..
DSC05626 copy

But sadly, I forgot to bring my little blog address note book.. :(
Boo... so, i couldn't collect URLs... :(

Anyway, cam whoring session continues...
DSC05611 copy

Kelly's antenna disturbing me when I smile for the camera.. :p
DSC05601 copy

Anyway, I'm suppose to be beside sheng mae.. but...
I think, the picture looks wonderful like this...
Somehow, this picture.. gives that aura of someone present beside her..haha...

Anyway, if you guys want a picture beside her..but didn't have the chance to do so, just paste your picture beside this picture la..haha...
DSC05577 copy

Anyway, I want to thanks pam and sheng mae.. for helping me with my sticker.. :D
DSC05591 copy

Thanks Sheng Mae...

Anyway.. Part 4 is next...
Have you seen the world biggest tiger bam?

Stay Tune!!

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