Friday, July 4, 2008

The Grass is Always Greener on the other side.

Life is always fully misunderstood.
As I sat here, thinking what had happen to me in the past, present and what will happen in the future, I thought to myself, I've felt like nothing, as though I didn't not exist.
I am one person, that has been fully misunderstood.
Maybe I had misunderstood the people around me.

Mistakes that was never mine,
Blames that were never yours to be blame,

It's just really sad how dull some things can be.
How blunt a message is to make matter fully misunderstood.
How that little extra can make things fully understood.

But, what is worth telling?
What is worth knowing....

What is worth writing, if it isn't in that special book,
What is worth writing, if it isn't with that special pen.

Whats is worth reading if it isn't reading in that special book...

What is wearing, if it isn't that special thing..

Reading something worth reading is a lot.

As I could recall it, that grass was always greener on the other side

Always never be fully misunderstood..

EGO requiro vos adeo

Thank you for your time..

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