Thursday, July 17, 2008

TEMPTationS Part 3 (Final)

So, after a good and hearty meal, comes good and sweat dessert.. :D

Not true meh?
DSC04740 copy

So, mari-mari.. makan-makan..
DSC04612 copy

DSC04613 copy

There is a chocolate pot for all your chocoloate lover who just love to dip things into the chocolate..
DSC04670 copy

There is so much cakes and, if i were to put them all into this blog.. It'll overload!! haha.. Trust me on that...
DSC04604 copy

OMG... also, check out these wonderful cakes!!
DSC04731 copy

DSC04729 copy

DSC04727 copy

What beautiful architecture..
DSC04721 copy

DSC04713 copy

My favorite among all desert was just a simple Green Tea Haagen Daze Ice Cream....
DSC04828 copy
Its truly heaven!!!
DSC04825 copy

So, what are you waiting for?
Wanna dine at TEMPTationS Cafe?
Go to Renaissance Hotel at Jalan Ampang!

NEXT.. Be spoilted with lots of pictures from Nuffnang Wild Live Party!!

Hit my warning!
*Not for the low bandwidth users*


iCalvyn said...

delicious... make me feel hungry already... some more you have a good photo :) great

joshuatly said...

i had to stop reading your blog already....


you make me too hungry!

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