Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Breakfast in bed my dear?

Its 7 in the morning dear, are you cold by the rain? Here, have an extra blanket. We can't have you feeling cold now can we. Now, let me wrap the blanket around your legs so it doesn't feel cold. Happy? feeling warmer already?

Now, how about breakfast in bed? NO my dear, don't get up. Let me serve you a cup of earl grey today. Do you want a toast to go with that dear?; and how many cube of sugar do you want?

Satisfied my dear?

What, still feeling cold? then, let me scooch on closer to you my dear, so we'll both have something to keep us warm.

I love you baby, and I hope, even though this morning it rains, my breakfast in bed, would still start your day, with a sunshine in your mind..

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Schmae said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! <3

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