Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's a sign..

DUDE!! Its just a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever fallen in love with someone, that breaks your heart so badly, you would do anything to get back, but you can't, because you are terribly in love with that someone still..

you have come to the right site...
Sent him/her an email that writes something like this;

I love you, but I also hate you.
I was always there for you, but you were never there.
I wanted you so badly,
You wanted me gone so badly.
I want you,
You want susu lemak manis.
I would die for you,
you would die for your teddy bear.

How to love you and how to hate you..
I hate you, but i love you,
I love you, but I also hate you..

So nah.. take this!!
p/s.. If you can see my middle finger, mean that we are not meant to be together..
p/s/s... If you can see a love in it, means that YOU ARE REALLY BLIND!, and get the hell out of my life!

So, to love or to hate, that is a question...

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