Sunday, July 13, 2008

TEMPTationS Cafe Part 1

Thanks to bigboysoven once again, I was brought to do a food review once more. This time, a cafe that serves buffet...

The damages was not a full stomach, but weeks of photo editing and uploading.. Haha...

Anyway, I went to TEMPTationS Cafe at The Renaissance, Jalan Ampang.
This situated near Zouk and KLCC so, it's not hard to find at all...

DSC04842 copy

TEMPTationS is not the average buffet dinning restaurant. I put it above Hertz Chicken Buffet ,alot of times above!!

Every tray that I open, is an eye opening experience. You'll never find a place that put such an importances in food presentations..

DSC04630 copy

See what I mean..

It's hard to imagine sometimes, that this is a buffet, because, my the look of that, I can eat 2-3 plates of it.. Though, if you are at TEMPTationS, you are spoil for choice.
The buffet there changes its menu daily for the week.
So, if you go monday, food is different from tuesday till sunday!

DSC04626 copy

There are not just one culture food, like I said earlier, there are so many to choose from, some little space to fit into... :D
DSC04822 copy

Because there were so many dishes, and so little space to put them, they have this half half plate...and really saves space while providing maximum choices..
Which is good.. :D
DSC04556 copy

There are two kinds of soup on that day I went.. this is, i think... Tomato Soup...
DSC04640 copy

You can also get Siew Pau if you are coming from China and missing siew pau alot...
DSC04649 copy

So, we have already covers...Malay Chinese and Indian food by just looking at the picture...
DSC04799 copy
For those who fancy english style food, you'll be happy to know that, TEMPTationS provide a on the spot cooking service so you get your food....Fresh and hot!

Party 2 is next...
you are definately in for a surprise!!

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