Saturday, August 2, 2008

On LookOut Point.. Pak Tor Interupted..

We all decided to makan malam at gasoline...
DSC05768 copy

But, when we reach up there.. our stomach is has just gone through a washing machine because our journey up there was really windy..

and, I have strong feelings that Nigel is the driver behind initial-D.. not who you see in the TV.. TV is a scam..

DSC05755 copy

Went we reach the top, all we can think of is.. GROUND!! OMG!! GROUND!!
DSC05758 copy

Aaron and david is like the earliest there...
we came and terus makan...
DSC05763 copy

DSC05771 copy

DSC05767 copy

we were soon join by other pak tor member... 4 guys.. hahaha..
DSC05820 copy

DSC05840 copy

DSC05844 copy

let me introduce you to some friends..

This is Randy.. the next.. ..... (can not tell...)
DSC05825 copy

This is the little one...
DSC05823 copy

Ok..anyway.. part 3 is next!!

We all go tower and pak tor together there..wanna see??
Stay Tune..

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usws said...

Gasoline mahal these days.. *rolls eypres* :P

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