Saturday, September 29, 2007

An unexpected, unplan, most gayiest, but happiest saturday of my life!

Saturday, was a day, truly didn't turn out, to be the way, it should has become!

I couldn't all all night, the day before, I was just tossing and turning around my bed, thinking..

But the time I manages to get some shut eye, it was already dawn.

I bath... I got my bag, head out to Taylor's for my usual Saturday study time, in the very quiet library.

I was really hoping just study there, as I'm far from completing anything at the rate I'm going.
Unfornutatly, the library was close.
Was clueless what to do, I drag Yin Ying out of breakfast!
We makan tosie, How on earth you spell that food????
Anyway, while eating, we decided, to go visit Yvonne who are having badminton competition at UCSI!
Well, we too called Gian to go along with us to UCSI, he says he was bathing, so, we had to waited.
Habis makan, Yin Ying wanted to go and change.
Well, yea, she didnt take too long, that i manages to read my notes!!
*Don't kill me Yin Ying!!!*
Anyway, after Yin Ying change, we drove off to Gian, Seok Kheng, and frank's house.
Upon arriving, well, we just explore!!
Seok Kheng just woke up in a nick of time so, we ask her to tag along and she did.
Waited for her to bath, well, I had to play the guitar...
and on saturday, we just added a new member to the Biomed Rockstar group!

Dear Yin Ying just became the newest Rockstar member!!Seok Kheng, your guitar really brought alot of people together! It is truly, really, a respectable peice of equipment known to me!
Anyway, drove all the way to UCSI
University College Sedaya International

We were all watching the game, calmly at the back or, front of the stage,

Closes to furthest: Yin Ying, Yvonne, Gian, and Leonard.

Seok Kheng was too intensified to stand, she was crouching behind the chair...

watching the game yang sangat hangat!!

Mr Quak Quak guy!!

*Evil grin*

Unfortunately, Taylor's lose, losing to 3 University, so, OUT!!

But, i have to say, we fought till the very end!

And that, goes with alot of respects!

Great job!!

Anyway, being in UCSI, must definatly snap some, first time in UCSI pictures!!

*this is the best picture I could pic, sorry Yin Ying, i had a bad hair day!!*

Anyway, (above) , Yin Ying and Me.

(below) Me and Seok Kheng

(below) Me and Gian, with Hantu Seok Kehng at the back!

USCI had a magnificient Multi Purpose hall!!

It was built with a gym, over looking the hall!!

Well, We couldn't leave Taman Conought with out eating Pan Mee, so yea, Sedap !!

Seok Kheng first moment of nice pan mee!!

Yin Ying couldn't take her eyes off it!!

Gian drank the entire bowl down!!

Yvonne don't let me take picture!!


Anyway, after Pan Mee, they all decided to go watch movie, so, we drove back to Yin Ying's place, and waited for the to girls to bath and get ready!

Gian spot something long....hard....not flexible.. and he started making love with it!!

Gian, you are gross!!!

Check out that horny look he got on his face!!

Because, we were running late, hair drying needed to be speeded up, but, blow drying it!!

Yin Ying, uses the more natural Hair drying method, that is just by standing looking out of the window, and let the wind dry her hair..

We waited for them to get ready...until Seok fell asleep..
Then, gian fell asleep...

Soon, I was the only one awake...

*joking lar...*

*was just acting*
We arrive at Gian's, Seok's and frank's place soon after...

and took our first shots too!!

Wee.. I feel so gay... but nothing tops what was on for me next...
we went to Mid Valley to catch!!
The gay movie...which definatly rise my Gay-o-meter from 36% till 101%!!!
After that movie, going into Toilet with kok Loong...becomes very very scary...
Joking lar...
When we left, it was time for dinner...
we ate, Bah Ku Teh in SS14...
No picture was taken, Phone no battery...
and, we ended the day with everyone going to their respective ways..
That night, i slept real soundly, the kind of sleep, that one deserve after a satisfying memorable day!!
Thank you Yin Ying, Gian, Seok Kheng, Yvonne and Kok Loong for the greatest Saturday, in the Year 2007!

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