Thursday, September 20, 2007

BioMed&BioTech&YanMin Trip to Malacca!

There is freaking 110 pictures in this post!
I've never uploaded that many pictures in my life, so, enjoy every picture taken, posted and comment on!
Well, I started my day dressing up for this Biotect Trip, well, I woke up late, I only had my shoes on and shirt tuck in, when i've actually arrived at Taylor's.
Went to Kiosk to get some goodies, and met Yau Suen.
This is her(Below)!
Cute huh!! Anyway, sadly, don't know what luck i got, i was suppose to make pictures for the trip....AGAIN!!
So, yea, while waiting in the cafeteria, snap some pic for the fun of it..
Pharmacy Gang(Below)

The BioMed and BioTech and one Pharmacy Study (Yan Min), went to Malacca, Air Keruh, Cloudy Water, to go to IBM(Institut Bioteknologi Melaka), weird Malay name!!

We pit stop at the highway, because some of us has to let your wee wee out!!

So, I snap this picture below!

Cute huh....Just above the Bas Persiaran word..make them look like they are modeling for some company!

Well, the bus journey was terribly long and bumpy!

It was really really long, so, we took this time, to grab a couple of photo.
ClockWise from top: Morni, Val, Yan Min, Esther and Wei Li (Below)

And the guy gang!!

Sorry, Can't name them one by one, they are scattered everywhere!
Anyway, knowing that we all study damn hard, it seems la... Some of us, fall asleep early in the trip!
Group Photo in the bus!
Group Photo in the bus with me(The guy in blue)!
No comment on the picture below, but, I think I'm definately going to get full marks for my physic this sems!
Title(Below):Mr. Poova and a few girls, chilling out!!

Well, bus journey was long, but there were many activity going on in the bus.
For example, I had Mr. Caleb predicting my love life for someone!
and the results, pure love with only ONE complication!

How nice!!

lol... it made my day!!

Anyway, arriving at IBM, we were all excited!!

Everyone got down the bus,
looking very lose (below)
walk in the building,

and, see one one at the lecture hall...

only this welcome sign...
so, we snap more picture!!
The big man below is Mr. Rashdan, he is our Molecular Cell Biology and Genomic Lecturer, a truly one of a kind man!
The man posing below is Mr Khairul, Mr. Rashdan second man!
not long after that, this guy came, I cant really remember his name, but, he is SMART!
I bet he never knew he got such a sexy smile!

After his very ''interesting'' speech, there was an exchange of gift.

Everyone was a happy man!!
(below) those are actually purfume and essense oil.

We had a tour around IBM labs, and this was the genomic lab.

One thing I always like to see in a genomic lab, is the microwave!
Somehow, to every lab that i've been into, I've not seen one without a microwave!
Never knew that i kitchen item could be use in a lab huh??

(below) The Guy was showing of some DNA sequencing...Not suprise, I've done it already!
Anyway, (below) those stuff below is called a micropippette. What made me took this picture was, when Mr. Rashdan, laugh, giggle, and say, we at taylor's use a more expensive one!! wahahha... IBM=CHEAP!!
(below) Electronic pH indicator
Deep Freezer!!(below)

at cool is that!! Speaking of Mine wonder land!!

Anyway, IBM just opened it's new toxicolagy lab..and..Miss Ee Ying or how ever you spell it, gave us brifing on it...
Somehow, Mr. Rashdan just seems to dissapeared after that!
*Don't kill me sir!!!*

Mr. Poova, being a Stat, maths and Physic Lecturer, somehow found everything amuzing!
He just kept taking photo after photo of everything!

We continued around the IBM building..

We saw some cell culturing...

Yippzzz... on the floor??? NOT STERILE!!

An, oil extractor machine!

Different kind of Lab:

This was acutally, at the back of Min Yuen shirt!! MTV cool is that!!
Group Photo! (before everyone was ready)
Everyone was looking good!!(Above)
Pimp Daddy Hwei Ming(me)...kekeke...

Soon after that, we all depart from the place...

And yes...continue taking picture...

(below) The Jolliest Picture of Seok ever taken on camera!
We stop by at Jaya Jusco, to have lunch, and to get there, we had to cross a perdistrian bridge..
Somehow, the stairs leading there was very unstable, everyone was careful on where they step..

*peace* to you too Yin Ying..

The Perdestrian Bridge was never safe place...thats why Chin Tian and Siew Hwei were holding hands..
This is what i ate for lunch, don't need to point out which one is mine, i think you can already guess!

Siew Hwei and Me
Me and Esther
Yin Ying and Me
haha...ten second rule... dont give other people the camera if it is running for 10sec shot!!
Yvonne and Me
Me and Chin Tian (Hari Ini)
Me and Yan Min, Smiling with our teeth!!
Weee.....everyone had a good lunch!! all so happy!!
To top it up all, we had, Mc Donald ice cream...
McD should really pay us royalty fee to promote this...
Espicially me!!
Check out the post!!! *Bluek*

This picture(Above) consist of Me, Yan Min and esther, story to long to tell...
BACK to the BUS...everyone fell asleep again!
Check out gian Killer pose!!

now, Wei Li killing pose!!
Seok's Killer Pose

(above) Misai Kucing....High level of anto oxidant!

We arrive at Invitrotech Sdn Bhd, after getting lost!!!

Sadly, we cant take picture inside of the place... Thank god for me!!
Group Picture!!
And gift exchange...
The next destination is Tropical Bioessence, it was only a few block away from Invotro.. so, we, caleb, maurice, and me, happily stroll down the road!!

And yes..another gift exchange..

Journey back, was excruciating and bored.. Val had her PSP with her, so, she was just playing all the time..

For me, I just snap more pictures..

For Seok, Sleeping was definate!

Val was still playing...
And i was still taking picture...

In these picture, Wei Li was trying out different pose...
keke.. i like this picture.. it make Yan Min face glow!!
Everyone was

Off all the sleeping pose, nothing could beat kok loong sleeping position...
Yin Ying, had no challenge towards kok loong position...
Talk about these two....Tidur only pandai!! ish...
Self Taken Picture!!
I was just eating my Cookie... while all these happen...
And Kok Loong was still sleeping...
now, when face covering..
They were still taking picture...
siew hwei sleep long time de..
Morni & esther, kong out long long time..
Thanks god i didnt not sleep with my finger in my mouth, if not, the consequences will be devastating, like this(below)

The rest, was just playing card..
We arrive at taylor's at 7, time to buka puasa, we all had our dinner at AC, and dissambled after that,
And, that was the end, of a very nice day, a day, to be remembered, as we, tour into Malacca, as one group, regaless anything els!
Thank you!

I've Enjoyed myself!

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