Saturday, September 15, 2007

Steam Boat outing 2!

Friday, we all went to makan steamboat, our little buka puasa feast!!
so, after badminton, we all drive down to Yuen's Steam Boat.
Arriving at yuen's steam boat first was, me, Yan Min, Val, Yvonne and Yin Ying.
Don't really know what got into the girls lately, they just seem to be real real hungry!

Notice how, Val and Yin Ying started eating....ALONE!!

Girls eat like Man too you know!!

Yan Min was, well, picking out food at that time...

And, Yvonne just remembered she got, Stomach Flu!! ??@@??

Whatever is that la..hahaha..

Pity her...have to follow us go eat steamboat!!

Soon, the dudes arrive, Kok Loong, josh, Min Yuan, and Gian..

And, these are the picture of some very hungry badminton players!!

We all ate, till we couldn't fit anything more into our stomach, we all ate so much mushroom, probably more then what we've eaten in your entire lifes!!

And, eventually, we just chilled, and started talking about "the tapak tangan tilip nasib"thinging la.. with Val as the SIFU!!

See, everyone is talking about the palm of their hands..

Kok Loong, seems very pleaseant(Bellow) as, he has the best hand's premonition!

Well, sad to say, Min Yuan, "Lets go night club now!!"

This picture really looks like gian, praying for buka puasa..wahahhaa...

Well, all that palm premonition thing, Yan Min and Me, snap this picture!!
I LIKE IT!!! For those of you who want to know my new look!! Here's your chances!!

Snap Gian's Photo..

Snap Yvonne Lala Post!!

Random snaps!!

This picture, Min Yuan still complaining about his lousy palm!!

Man, this time, he is thinking of plastic surgeory!*Pity Min Yuan*

Yin Ying was looking at her luck too!!

And, probably, the most outstanding picture, of randomly snapping was, this picture..

Miss Ooi Yin Ying!!

Award Winner of Randomness!!

*who were you thinking off la??*

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