Sunday, September 9, 2007

September, time of my life!! and my life only!!

3rd September!! got one great results for my chemistry laboratory!! kekeke.. I'm trying to rub it in guys.. so just bare with me..wahahha,...
But, honestly , if you ask me, i think the crystal build up was because of the excess NaOH what me and yin ying added... Who knows, maybe with you put it into H2O, it all dissolve like the salt that it is.. On 7th of September, was really reluctant to go badminton that day, mood was not good, too sleep, and too many other stuff..
But, give face le.. so i go
Well, i must say, i had more then i bargin for,
when to badminton, meet new people, what i got no idea what is their name now. lol..
sry le.. quite anti social..
anyway, there was a guy there, hem..hem.. no comment la.. but really la.. he needs to come to Hwei Ming's guide on how to treat a girl.
Well, even though i've let many down, but, you gotta admit it, i was good!!

After badminton, we went to AC, makan malam! Fuh.. damn full weih!!

But, i pity seok la... jadi sampah makan malam..wahhahaha

Anyway, what was more fanstatic, was today, 9 September 2007.

I went to the Europe Education fair with Yin Ying, so called wanna find out more about UK le.. unfortunately, what a pity le.. only good help we get was from the British Council booth..

anyway, what was the peak of the day was, it was my first time driving through the smart tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fu yoh!!

Bloody smart i feel la..

It is just like a never ending road...

Can not see the end...
Look!! a car!!

Still tunnel...
I can see the end!!!!!!!!!
Its coming!!!
Day light!! but then, ahead, it was tunnel again!

What a day for me and Yin Ying la.. first time in smart tunnel, like some lose jakun in city taking picture of the tunnel...

Tu Dos...

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