Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cool Picture I like to share!!

We started on your Statistic project lately, was an almost complete success, but,
Try again lo.. no worries!! See, we work hard!!
Chemistry experiment, we were suppose to make some sort of compound which looks like golden dust!! well, this was before..
and, now, completely shinny!!
Wee!! Yin Ying and me, make good chem lab partner!!
So happy when i measured the star/gold dust!!

see... a whole 1.4666 gram of them!!
*ignore the people at the back, focus on the distilation apparatus*
Anyway, this is chin tian, drama queen!!
and this, is the drama queens of biomedical science!!

This is Calab, Biomed's verry own big daddy! Maurice picture was unavailable, if not, he would have been daddy number 2.
Well, something had happen to use lately, i think, it is some sleepiness influenza!

Seok Kehng actually sleep, drop dead, in lecture!!

The virus then spread to Val,
later, even the pharmacy student too got it!!*notice how Rachel, evade the camara by putting a file over her head*
Erm.... i don't know what Yin Ying was thinking off, but, i kindda like this picture!!
well, thats it for now!

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