Monday, September 17, 2007

Ladle vs Shovel!

On Sunday, I visited the newly open Tesco Extra in Cheras, very near my house!
I was amaze by the grand opening they had, it was a really cool thing for people living in Cheras!
I would never expected something to grow up, out of no where in Cheras!
anyway, what really caught my attention was,......
A shovel! I mean, a Ladle!
While walking in the Supermarket.. I saw a Ladle, at a grand size of a shovel!
It is longer then my arms!!
Well, i had to take picture of it!! Knowing me right!! Kekeke...

Just imagine what would the nutritionist people would do, if i hand this to each and everyone of of them! We can have a cooking spree!!
But, if this was handed to the other peepz..
It will go like...
Jedi fight anyone??

"No Luke.... I am your FATHER!!!" (Lord Vader,19**)

Well, what really made my day was, finally, a great donut shop near my house!!

I was so into Big Apple, I actually bought some!!

A whole 12 of them!!

Yummy, Yummy, yummy.....

8 of them didnt made it home!

You know what happened to it la...



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