Saturday, September 22, 2007

Random Candid, Posing Picture, and Poova Playing.

I have a new dog today, sadly, we actually don't have a name for it yet!
It is a female German Shepherd.
Just about 2-3months old.
So cute right?? Anyway, This i say to my FAT ASS car...
Freaky long car... Park till it almost hit the back barrier, and still, stucking its nose out of the box!!

Anyway, lately was feeling like these(below):
(Below) Wahahaha... Yin Ying and Yan Min are so going to chop my head off!!

This is why, too rajin also not good.. you always get your picture taken by lazy people like me!!

Day Dreaming Yuen Mun (Up)

ahaha..... Something everyone should be waiting for..

Mr. Poova, our very own stats, maths and physic lecturer, play badminton!!

Check out all the post man!!

(above) seok, acting cool on Val's sun glasses!

(Below) Yin Ying, so called Guarding her baby(bags).. dragging it all around Web...
Like some cradle!!
These pictures below, I GOT NO COmment... i found it in my phone, so, I'll just post it up...


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