Monday, September 17, 2007

Biomedical Horror!!

Do you know, I use to read the Human Anatomy and Physiology by Martini book, just like an exciting story book! Knowing how your heard functions, lungs expanding, really make you know your true innerself.

But, there was one topic in that book, that as for now, really made a drastic change in my life!

The topic is, The Urinary System!
As I was reading throught the pages of the text book, I actually notice, that...

I went to the toilet quite often!

Trust me, if you actually read the text book, you'll too go toilet alot!

For example,

when i read the glomerular flitration rate(GFR), and something about 125mL per minute, I got up from my seat, and went to toilet to pee pee!

when i read the part about, normal human will eliminates 84mg of creatinine each hour, I got up from my sear, and went to toilet to pee pee!

when i read about the part, where they say, urea reabsorption, i got up from my seat and went to pee pee.

Come on man, this is definately worst than having your hands place into an icey cold water while you are sleeping!

What really, made me realize that I was going to toilet so often was, went I read that, normal range of human pee pee is 700-2000mL/day.

*Get out of seat, go to toilet, pee pee* "I'm Back"says Hwei Ming.

I bet some of you, now too are going to toilet and pee pee too!

Come on, I mean, even if you read about cardiovascular, for respiritory, you are not going to pump your heart harder, nor hyperventilate!

For me, studying Urinary System, really make one go pee pee more as you can actually force pee pee out!! *bluek*

Dr. Nayak, please don't kill me... *tsk tsk*

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