Thursday, September 13, 2007

Short Talk

I have been studying lately, trying to score my biomedical science.
Today, after days of trying to fit info into my tiny little brain, I guess I've lose it.

So, I went jogging in the park.
I just try to forget about all my studies, all my homework, all my assignment.
And just breath fresh air, and jog till my respiritory system, cardiovascular system, my hemeostatis regulation system, my reproductive system, my digestive system, my uninary system, my lymphatic system, my endocrine system, my somatic nervous system, my muscular system,.... Hahaha...was suppose to not think about anatomy and physiology huh..??..??

Anyway, i trip, but DID NOT fell... and now, the only thing going into my mind is....


my leg hurt!!
How on earth am I going to badminton tomorrow??

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