Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Day....

This afternoon,
I was driving, looking for a freaking parking space,
when I saw some shadow of a sexy legs,
shadowing it way towards the road.

I floored the break, and the car stops,
And you know what??

The blind woman walk right into the car!
What a f**king blind woman!

When I look at there, she was stunt and was completely looking at the wrong direction while crossing the road. It was a jalan sehala somemore...

What the f**k man... Really Blind...


I was driving back home and realize my tank was empty.
I stop at a Cengkerang Station, and this don't know from what country worker came and immediately fill up my tank..

What a big mistake...
This stupid bimbotic dumb f**k fill up my tank to the point of spilling.
Come to think of it, the petrol pump stop right at RM138.00.
And usually, one would just smile and put the pump head back.
But no, this stupid bimbotic dumb f**k continue to pour the petrol up till RM144.06 and tell me that it's very full already, can not pour anymore. He even shook my car like some flour bag.

Bloody Punani, can tell me, rugi 4 sen boleh tak?
Tiu Ma Hai,
you come and grab the pump from me, want to pour for me, I pay RM2.70 per liter and you ask me can I rugi 4 sen?
I'm less forgiving now that I pay RM2.70 per liter..

So I demanded my change fair and square, 5 sen, since if it is 6sen, you have to bring it down to the closes denomination of 5.
Bloody f**ktard can tell me, "haihyo boss, I rugi 1 sen la"
*show imaginary 3rd finger*

I told him about our 1sen being phase out rule and he think I'm f**king telling a lie.

I was lazy to argue and demanded my recipe but the fellow refuses to issue me one.
*show 2 imaginary 3rd finger*

I demanded to see the manager or counter or who ever other than this bimbo, and finally I was brought to the counter.

And what the f**k man, I found myself educating the entire cengkerang station on the new 5sen denomination thing.

F**K cengkerang station, I was never a fan of Ferrari anyway.


joshuaongys said...

wahhhh imaginary fingers.... i cant imagine u showing those..

Jan said...

i cant imagine ur T**MAHA*~
cos i always c u u so gentleman xD
Btw i m wondering if the woman really blind o u r scolding her blind?? @@

Robin said...

what a day...

yapthomas said...

a few drip of petrol is already gonna cost you few cents... i kena that.. :(

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